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United Airlines Flight Change Policy:- During the vacation some amount of time and energy gets used preparing right so in such a situation do you think it is possible to make amends or reschedule plans when something unexpected occurs? Yes, in such a case United Airline flight change policy is at hand to rely upon.

So now in this blog, you will learn all about the United flight changes, reschedule policy, change fee, etc. all you need to do is go ahead and read through till you reach the end.

United Airlines Flight Change Policy

If you have bought your ticket directly from United Airlines, then you would find it very easy with the guidelines provided by United Airlines’ flight change policy.

Below you will come across some important points that you must consider:

  • You should know that all flight tickets can be reschedule within 24 hours of when you purchase them with any fee.
  • There is no change flight fee if your itinerary includes the travel within the US and Canada however, this is not applicable for the Basic Economy fare.
  • Here you also get to cancel a Basic Economy fare and then exchange a flight for travel credit.
  • You need to keep in mind that your travel credit will expire within 1 year from the date of issue.
  • You are also allow to change your flight as many times as you like only if you pay the fare difference each time you change it.
  • Now if you are not sure about your travel plans then you do not need to book a new flight right away you can easily choose a flight credit. And this you must use within a year of the date your ticket was originally issue.
Please Follow these All Points
  • In case your new flight is less expensive compare to the previous one then you will receive a future credit for the difference only if your fare restrictions allow it.
  • If you are traveling on an award ticket for an Economy or premium Economy flight then there will be no change fees charge, however, the flight has to be originated within the US.
  • But if your travel credit was for a flight that you reserve through a travel agency then you must use the credit through that particular agency only.
  • Furthermore, if you choose to take an earlier flight on the same day then there is simply no standby fee.
  • Do you know that the ‘MileagePlus Premier’ members can book a seat on an earlier flight for free?
  • If there are group flights that are purchase through the airlines’ Group Desk, then the United Airlines change will still apply.

What is United Airlines flight change within 24 hours?

Do you know that the 24-hour change policy allows you to change the travel date/time/destination etc within 24 hours starting from the date you purchase it? You will find some important details that you would like to consider.

  • The flight change should be operate by United Airlines only.
  • There is no change fee charge however, change can be applied.
  • Apart from Basic Economy, all tickets are subject to the regulation provide.
Process for changing a flight on United Airlines

You would be glad to know that you are allow to make changes to your United Airlines reservation online easily online or over a phone call.

Making flight changes over the phone – if you want to make changes to your flight you can directly call the airline’s Customer Service representative. You need to know that it all depends on the type of ticket you bought, but the change fee as well as the fare might apply.

Change your flight online – you will find that you can change the flight on paid and also award tickets are now virtually the same. When you log in to your UA account portal at then you should click on the ‘My Trips’ option in the menu –

  • You need to access your flight booking by entering the six digits number and then the passenger’s last name.
  • Next, you got to select the flight segment that you want to make a change to.
  • After that, you should select the ‘Change flight’ option and then you need to do the following.
  • Go to change the time or date of your flight.
  • Then change your destination.
  • And now you need to add a flight.
  • Lastly, you got to remove a flight segment.
  • Now to select a new flight, you will need to the ‘Continue’ button.
  • You then need to continue your booking to confirm the updated itinerary.
  • You will now see a confirmation email for the change flight that will be sent to you.
What is the process to reschedule your flight?

Now in case your flight’s schedule changes then you have the option to choose a complementary alternative flight on a UA or Express flight. Then the flight also has to depart from the same place within 24 hours after the original travel. To handle this, you just got to find your flight in the ‘My Trips’ section and then choose another.

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Question:- What is the procedure for changing a flight within a day at United Airlines?

Answer:- Now if you have bought your ticket at least 7 days before the departure date is schedule of your trip, the airline will allow you to change the flight within 24 hours of booking. And this can be done for all tickets and even for Basic Economy ones. And there will be no changes fees applicable.

Question:- Is it possible to adjust the travel time with United Airlines?

Answer:- If the domestic flights are within the US, then you are free to change your travel time or date as long as you are able to pay the appropriate ticket difference.

Question:- Is it possible to rebook a flight that is non-refundable?

Answer:- Yes, you can indeed as the airline no longer restricts a non-refundable ticket’s flight for any alteration request. And for ‘Silver’ and regular members the same adjustments will result in a cost of USD 75. Whereas ‘Gold’ and above level members will not be charge at all.

Question:- Can I change my flight for free?

Answer:- Yes, you definitely can change your flight for free, but the reservation should be book within 24 hours and also the date of departure is book at least 7 days ahead on the day you purchase it.

If you require any further guidance or more details then you are always free to contact the Airline Help Customer service number. And you can be assure that the eligible team or Agents will be available to assist you accordingly with the most suitable information.

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