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United Airline name change policy

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You need to know that according to United Airlines’ name change policy; they allow only minor name corrections and only on validated tickets. You even get to exchange your ticket but with a fee added. Therefore, you must know that under the name correction policy, only minor alterations are allow this is done to make sure that a customer name is matching to the ticket exactly as it shows on the government-issue photo ID or passport.

You must keep in mind that changing the name on the ticket is prohibited this is because it is not allowed to change the ownership from one passenger to another. And the name correction request is also not allowed instead of changing the name of the passenger for another.

You can go through the criteria that need to be met to correct a United Airlines misspell name on a ticket:

  • Firstly, your flight must be operate by United Airlines.
  • And in the case of code sharing or interline agreement flight, the name correct request would be possible only in United’s segment.
  • You need to check that your ticket inventory starts with 016.
  • You also need to know that there is only one reissue allow per ticket for a name correction.
  • Now as per the name change policy, any additional name correction is consider a name change and is also subject to United Airlines passenger name change fee as well as an increase in the fare.
  • There will be no changes permit in case of flight date, time, fare classes, or fare basis code.
  • Other than that only minor name corrections are permit at the time of travel provide that the ticket name also must appear the as same in your government-issue photo ID.
  • Any changes made to the DOB and the name of the passenger then it would be subject to United Airlines’ name change policy.
  • Another thing is that the name change policy only include the correction per customer. Hence any further changes will be subject to United Airlines’ change ticket name policy.

United Airline Name change policy:                                      

Have a look at some instruction that need to be follow when processing the United Airline name change request:

  • Any changes committed under United Airline name change policy.
  • The name correction process must initiate the name correction that is on the existing PNR. However, if that is not possible then you would need to create a new six-digit record locator with the correct passenger name.
  • You always secure the same booking class as ticket and if not so then the flights will need to be rebook in the lowest available fare class.
  • You also need to keep in mind that ‘Secure light Passenger Data’ (SFPD) will need to be re-enter with the newly correct name and must match the date of birth as well as the gender details provide at the original booking. You should know that according to the name correction policy, changes to the name and the DOB/gender are not permit.
  • You must add the OSI entry at the time when you do the name correction and it must be add to both the new and the existing PNR such as OSI UA NAME CORRECTION.

Process for changing your name on United Airlines Ticket

Now according to United Airline name correction policy, any change to the customer’s name that does not meet the given criteria will be consider a name correction. You remember that once the PNR is issue then only the name correction would be consider.

Follow the instruction below to change the name on United Airline reservation:
  • First of all, United Airlines must be the validating carrier.
  • Secondly, all the flights have to be operate by United Airlines or code-sharing and interline agreement partners.
These instruction must be follow when you make the change to the passenger’s name:
  • You must cancel the flight segment with the existing booking so that you leave the ticket status open.
  • Next, you will need to book a new PNR and store the existing fare class, if not so then to the lowest selling fare that is available.
  • After all that you just got to proceed to the voluntary exchange on the ticket and then collect the name change fee that is along with the fare difference whenever you reissue the ticket.
Question:- How can I change my name on a United Airlines flight?

Answer:- You can get the same done, by request the United Airline name correction via united.com and also by calling on the name correction phone number. Now as per the name change policy, the name should be correct up to two hours before the departure is schedule.

Question:- Does United Airlines allow international ticket name changes?

Answer:- As per the name change policy, you are allow to correct your name regardless of the travel class, fare type and trip type that is select. You need to keep in mind that the name must be correct up to two hours before the schedule departure.

Question:- Is there any change to change the name on the United Airlines ticket?

Answer:- Yes, you are allow to request United Airlines to change up to two hours prior to the schedule departure for a fee of 200 USD and this is per passenger for each way adding to the applicable fare difference if there are any.

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