Spirit Cancellation Policy

Spirit Cancellation Policy

Our travel schedule is constantly evolving. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy before deciding if you want to change your Spirit Airlines flight. The airline provides the most excellent service and rates to ensure that customers enjoy their travels to the fullest. However, if passengers desire to cancel their tickets, Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy may present issues. Additionally, the goal of this post is to provide you with all the essential information you need to cancel your flight with Spirit Airlines. Therefore take a look at the policies and consider all Spirit Airlines cancellation fees before requesting a cancellation.

If you decide to change your plans, Spirit’s cancellation policy may allow passengers to receive a complete refund. However, your flight ticket must satisfy the following criteria in order to get a refund:

  • A full refund is available for cancelled flights made more than 60 days prior to travel.
  • For flights leaving after seven days or longer, cancellations made inside 24 hours of booking are eligible for a full refund.
  • Spirit Airlines’ cancellations of flights are eligible for a full reimbursement.
  • Any flight delay longer than two hours is eligible for a full reimbursement.
  • A flight change is eligible for a complete refund.
  • A full refund is possible in exceptional cases like death, significant sickness, jury duty, etc., but only with supporting documentation and Spirit Airlines’ consent.

Spirit Airlines 24-Hour Cancellations

If you cancel a flight with Spirit Airlines within 24 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund as long as the flight leaves at least seven days afterwards (i.e., after 168 hours). For all fares, this regulation is in effect.

A fee will be assessed to passengers who change their flight within seven days of departure or even more than 24h after buying the ticket.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for COVID

Due to COVID-19, Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy expired on March 31, 2021. This policy allowed for the free cancellation of any trips on the airline that dates down to March 31, 2021. Additionally, this policy allowed for the free cancellation of any trips on the airline that dates up to March 31, 2021.

However, you must inform Spirit Airlines as soon as possible when your aircraft takes off if you are required to cancel your flight reservation as a result of COVID-19 or if your doctor recommends against travelling owing to a COVID-19-related issue. Most likely, your ticket will be changed into a Booking Credit that can be used for upcoming trips. In some instances, you might be given a refund.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Due to Weather

You will have to organise your travel arrangements if your trip is cancelled because of bad weather or other factors beyond Spirit Airlines’ control. The airlines will try their best to give you information to assist you in finding lodging on your own, but they won’t pay for your accommodation. You might be qualified to reschedule your flight and submit an application for a Booking Refund that you can use to travel later if your onward travel is unnecessary since your flight was delayed due to weather.

Spirit Cancellation Fee

The chart below shows how the Spirit Airlines cancellation fee changes according to when you cancel your reservation.

Cancellation Time Cancellation Fee
Within 24 hours of purchase USD 0
60-plus days before departure USD 0
59 – 7 days before departure USD 49
6 – 0 days before departure USD 99

Standard Tickets

Spirit Airlines’ standard ticket cancellation policy stipulates that, in order to receive a complete refund, customers then must cancel within the allotted 24-hour period or at least sixty days before departure. If you withdraw outside of these windows:

  • According on when you cancel, you may be charged a cost (see table above).
  • Your refund will be given to you as a Spirit Airlines booking credit for future travel.
  • Only the traveller for whom the credit was granted may use the reservation credit.

Always keep in mind that you can withdraw your Spirit Airlines reservation up to one hour prior to departure, but you will be charged.

Flex Tickets

The Flight Flex insert allows you to adjust your itinerary once without charge, but you cannot cancel it. However, if you do, based on that, when you leave, the regular fees will be applicable.

Award Tickets

The cancellation procedure for Spirit Awards tickets is the same as regular access. You will be assessed a cancellation percentage fee on your departure date if you withdraw a Spirit Airlines ticket after the allotted 24-hour period has passed.

  • According on when you cancel, you may be charged a cost.
  • Your account will receive a deposit of your return points.

You must call to cancel award tickets; keep this in mind.

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

There are numerous ways to reschedule a Spirit Airlines flight:

  • Via phone: +1-888-814-2373
  • Online via My Trips
  • Text message to 48763
  • By dialing 855-728-3555 on WhatsApp
  • Using social media direct messaging
  • Via a customer service representative at the nearby airport

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How to Cancel a Spirit Flight Online?

To make an online flight reservation cancellation with Spirit Airlines:

  • Visit Spirit.com.
  • Choose My Trips
  • On the following page, type your:
    • Last name
    • Code of confirmation
    • Select “Continue”
    • To cancel a reservation, choose

On the final page, you’ll see the refund amount and cancellation charges.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

The return policy at Spirit Airlines is straightforward but stringent. The airline claims that by not providing refundable tickets, it is able to maintain its prices low for all customers.

However, you’ll be qualified for a complete refund if:

  • At least 60 days before travel, you cancel your flight.
  • As long as the flight doesn’t take off for at least seven days, you can cancel it within 24 hours.
  • Spirit has cancelled your flight.
  • If there is a 2-hour or more delay in your flight.
  • Your flight has changed. However, the new flight is unsuitable for you.
  • If the airline agrees and you can present sufficient documentary proof, you are legally required to cancel your departure owing to severe disease, illness, jury service, etc.

Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit

When you cancelled your trip, you were given a confirmation code by email. This code is known as the Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit. This six-digit alphanumeric code can be utilised to pay for tickets, luggage, and package deals. It can also be utilized to pay for other fees and taxes. Reservation Credits can be redeemed online at Spirit.com or over the telephone, but not via the smartphone app.

To book a flight, you can use your credits over the phone or online. To use a reservation credit to rebook a flight online:

  • Visit Spirit.com.
  • Type in your travel needs
  • Select “Search Flights” from the menu.
  • Observe the instructions on-screen to:
    • Select a flight.
    • Choose your bundle.
    • Enter the traveller’s information.
    • Choose your luggage.
    • Select your seat and more choices.
  • The payment page says:
    • Select “Redeem A Voucher or Credit” from the menu.
    • Then, fill up the box with your confirmation code.
    • Finally, press the “Go” button.
    • Enter the necessary sum for your reservation in the Amount to Pay box.
    • Choose “Apply Credit” from the menu.
  • To finish your booking, adhere to the on-screen instructions.


Q1 Spirit Airlines cancelled my flight. What are my options?

You have two options if Spirit Airlines postpones your travel: accept the provided alternate flight or request a refund.

Q2 How do Spirit Airlines cancellations work?

1) You cancel a minimum of 60 days prior to your scheduled departure.
2) You cancel your reservation within 24 hours, but your flight leaves at least seven days later.
3) There is a flight cancellation.
4) There is a two-hour or more delay in your flight.
5) Your flight gets postponed, but you don’t like the new flight.
6) You revoke a reservation for a flight on March 31, 2021.
7) Any unusual circumstances, such as losing a fellow traveller or a close family member, a significant sickness, jury service, etc., prevent you from making it to your flight.

Q3 What is the Spirit cancellation policy?

Tickets purchased from Spirit are not refundable, according to their cancellation policy. However, you can be eligible for a cash refund if you cancel your ticket at least 60 days prior to takeoff or if you do then within 24 hours of purchasing if your flight doesn’t leave until at least seven days later.
If a Spirit Airlines flight is cancelled and its replacement is unsuitable for you, you may request a refund. Flights purchased for travel on or after March 31, 2021, were also eligible for a refund. Nevertheless, Spirit might let you request a refund in the event of your death, a critical sickness, etc.

Q4 Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight without penalty?

1) You void the reservation at least sixty days before travel.
2) Your flight leaves after seven days or more, and you cancel within 24 hours.
3) Your flight is cancelled by Spirit.
4) There is a two-hour or more delay in your flight.
5) If Spirit changes the time of your flight, the new time doesn’t work for you.
6) A member of your immediate family passes away; you become gravely ill; you are summoned to jury duty, etc.

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