Southwest Cancellation Policy

Southwest Cancellation Policy

Southwest Cancellation Policy: Southwest Airlines (WN), the biggest low-cost carrier in the world, is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Some of its primary operational bases include Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas-Love, Chicago-Midway, Denver, Las Vegas, Houston-Hobby, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Orlando.

The fleet of Southwest flies over 734 aircraft. You can travel to some more than 103 cities in the United States and nine other countries with reservations with Southwest Airlines.

One of the most accommodating cancellation policies is offered by Southwest Airlines. When you do so before the deadline, you can cancel your flight without paying a fee. Nevertheless, according to the package you’ve bought, Southwest offers different cancellation policies.

How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight

1) Ticket cancellation for Wanna Go Away

The ticket of Wanna Go Away types is reusable but not recoverable in accordance with Southwest’s cancellation policy. A Wanna Go Away ticket from Southwest can be cancelled (and used again later) for a maximum of ten minutes before takeoff. Once you reject your reservation, you have one year from the ticket’s date of purchase to spend your trip money.

Remember: You will require the flight confirmation code to receive your ticket funds later, so save it. Southwest may extend your travel funds for a cost of USD 100 if they have already run out.

2) Senior Tickets, Anytime, and Business Select Tickets

According to Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy, if you need to cancel an Anytime, Business Select, or Senior ticket at least 10 minutes prior to departure, you’ll get a full refund in the form of the original payment. Tickets bought with cash or Rapid Rewards credits are covered by this.

According to the Southwest Airlines flight policy of cancellation, if you don’t withdraw at least 10 mins prior to the flight’s scheduled time of departure for an Anytime, Business Select, or Senior ticket, the amount of your reservation will be converted into travel money.

The travel funds must be used within a year of the initial purchase date. All of your Rapid Rewards points would be credited back into your account if you used them to pay for your ticket. As a substitute, you can use it again for upcoming travel. But you must cancel at least 10 minutes prior to the intended departure time of your flight.

Southwest 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Southwest’s 24-hour cancellation policy states that you can withdraw any ticket inside 24hrs of purchasing in order to receive a reimbursement, even non-refundable Wanna Go Away tickets.

The reservation can be cancelled over the telephone, through the app, or digitally at In addition, the amount of your reservation can either be converted into Travel Money for your next travel or refunded to your original source of purchase.

Also, you have 24 hours after reserving to withdraw a ticket you paid for whole or substantially with either a Southwest Gift Card or a LUV Voucher. Nevertheless, to cancel such tickets, call Southwest Consumer Relations at +1-888-814-2373.

Southwest Cancellation Policy for Flights Paid with Companion Pass and Gift Cards

As mentioned below, you are entitled to cancel your Companion Pass rates, and flight tickets bought using Gift Cards under Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy.

1) Companion Pass

You may withdraw a Companion Pass fare in accordance with the Southwest cancellation policy. All duties you spend will be reimbursed to your initial method of payment once you withdraw your reservation.

2) Gift Cards

Tickets bought using gift cards are not redeemable in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ policy on ticket cancellations. Compared to flights booked with currency or credits, they are governed by distinct regulations.

Your terminated ticket’s amount will be changed into redeemable Travel Funds for subsequent use pursuant to the terms of Southwest’s refund policy for tickets bought using Gift Cards. Usually, travel funds have a one-year expiration.

The later expiration date will nevertheless be applicable if you purchased the flight using a different payment technique. You must get in touch with Customer Relations if you want to partially or completely cancel a gift card-purchased reservation inside 24 hours of travel.

How to Cancel a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

You can withdraw your Southwest reservation over the telephone or via the internet in accordance with the airline’s terms and conditions.

Online cancellation:

  • Visit
  • Go to the upper right corner and click the Change/Cancel tab.
  • To access your flight reservation:
  • Type in your:
    • Confirmation number
    • First name
    • Last name
  • Choose to cancel your flight.
  • Click “Search.
  • To cancel a flight, choose it.
  • Upon the selection of your flight
  • Verify the cancellation.
    • You will be given the choice of requesting reimbursement for your initial method of payment or holding it in a Travel Fund for later use if your reservation is fully refundable.
    • You can ask for a travel fund in the event that your ticket isn’t refundable.

Also, you can withdraw your Southwest Airlines flight using the smartphone app.

Southwest COVID-19 Travel Waivers

Southwest Airlines gives you the following options regarding the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Utilise a Wanna Go Away ticket’s associated travel funds for up to a year following the initial purchase date.
  • Turn your travel funds that are scheduled to run out on September 7, 2023, into credits for Rapid Reward at the standard price.
  • You can utilise your additional points at any time because Rapid Cashback rewards never dry up. Look to see if you are eligible for trip money soon; you have only until December 15, 2023, to convert them.

Mention: You can terminate your airline reservation if you bought your ticket from the a booking site or agency by getting in touch with them immediately.

How to Use Southwest Airlines Travel Funds?

You need to be aware of the confirmation code connected to your flight funds in order to retrieve them. You can buy plane tickets, revenue, and charges with travel funds. But you can’t use them to buy anyone else’s subscription.

To examine the amount and expiration dates of your travel funds:

  • Select “Check Travel Funds.”
  • Type in your full name and the verification code.
  • Choose “Check Funds” from the menu.

FAQs –

Q1 What is Southwest Airlines’ Cancellation Policy?

You can withdraw Anytime and Business Select tickets with Southwest Airlines and get reimbursement or turn the money into a travel fund for later use. But you have to change your plans at least ten minutes before you leave. With regard to Wanna Go Away fares, Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy permits you to withdraw such reservations and substitute these for Travel Funds.

Q2 Can I cancel my southwest airline flight?
If you cancel the Southwest Airlines trip at least 10 mins prior to takeoff, you can do so without incurring a fee.

1) Visit
2) Select the Change/Cancel page
3) Choose the Cancel flight button
4) Then recover your flight by providing your travel information.
5) Choose and cancel your flight after you’ve located it.

Q3 Can I get a full refund on my Southwest airlines booking/reservation?

At Southwest Airlines, for both refundable and non-refundable reservations, you are eligible for a full refund. In addition, if you withdraw your ticket at least ten minutes prior to departure, customers can opt for either a refund in the form of the original purchase or have your travel funds put into your savings account for subsequent use.
 You have 24 hours before departure to cancel a non-refundable ticket, such as a Want Go Away fare, by telephone, digitally, or via the smartphone app. You will be given the choice of receiving Travel Dollars for upcoming usage or a complete reimbursement to your initial source of purchase.

Q4 What is southwest airlines No show policy?

Want Go Away bookings must cancel at least 10 minutes prior to departure in accordance with Southwest Airlines’ no-show policy. Failure to do so will be treated as a “no show”.

In this case, all payments made will be lost. Different no-show policies apply to Southwest Airlines Anytime and Business Select tickets. If a traveler with an Anytime or Business Select ticket cancels their trip, all unused funds will be converted into reusable travel credits for later use.

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