Qatar Airways Upgrade to Business Class: Complete Guide

Qatar Airways Upgrade to Business Class

Qatar Airways Upgrade to Business Class: Choosing Qatar Airways’ upgrade programme is a wise move if you want an upgraded travel experience with improved comfort and superior amenities. On long flights, business and comparable classes provide outstanding comfort.

Passengers can get the most out of their trip by transferring from economy class to business class and beyond using frequent flyer miles. Furthermore, Qatar Airways offers free upgrades to its Gold and Platinum frequent fliers who routinely use a specific amount of “Q credits” annually.

You still have a chance to get an upgrade at a lower price even if you haven’t signed up for Qatar Airways Privilege Club’s frequent flyer status. Keep a tight eye on your email inbox starting a week before your trip. Regardless of your travel circumstances, keep reading to receive a thorough overview of the steps and advice for obtaining upgrades when flying with Qatar Airways internationally.

How to Upgrade Qatar Airways to Business Class Seat?

Is it worthwhile to upgrade to Qatar Airways Business Class Seats?

Your travel preferences, whether comfort or price, will ultimately determine if you want to upgrade to a higher class on Qatar Airways. While First Class and Business Class do share certain similarities, the distinctions between Economy and Premium Economy are noticeably more pronounced.

Let’s compare these classes in order to paint a clearer picture. You’ll notice right away that the higher classes typically provide a plethora of extra benefits. But one frequent query is, “How do I go about asking Qatar Airways for an upgrade from Business to Economy class?”

The following table lists some significant differences between the various classes:

Class Notable Distinctions
First Class Ultimate luxury, spacious seats, gourmet dining, private suites, personalized service, premium amenities.
Business Class Excellent comfort, lie-flat beds, enhanced dining, dedicated lounges, priority check-in, ample legroom.
Premium Economy More legroom and recline, upgraded meals, amenity kits, enhanced service, priority boarding.
Economy Class Standard seating, standard meals, fewer amenities, economy-class service.

Therefore, if you’re thinking of upgrading from Business to Economy class on a Qatar Airways flight, your decision will primarily depend on your preferences and priorities because each class has its own set of advantages that can make your trip more enjoyable.

The Basics of Qatar Airways Business Class Upgrade

The only flight upgrade choices available on Qatar Airways are always single-class upgrades because the carrier does not provide a premium economy class on any of its flights. It implies that you can move straight from economy to business or even from company to first class.

If you fit the following requirements, you could be eligible for an upgrade:

  • Your booking must be for a flight operated by Qatar Airways Website (QR) and include the Qatar Airways flight number.
  • There should be no codeshare flights on your schedule.
  • The first three digits of your Qatar Airways ticket number should be 157.

When your upgrade request is approved, you will earn frequent flyer miles and status credits—more specifically, Qmiles and Qcredits. The original class of service that you booked will influence how many miles or credits you receive.

The full range of extra benefits offered by business class, including access to private pre-flight lounges, increased baggage allowances, gourmet dining options, and, whenever possible, the right to use priority security and boarding areas, are also available to passengers who are upgraded. Your total travel experience is improved, becoming more abundant and practical as a result.

Upgrade Qatar Flight with Miles

While you cannot use Qantas Frequent Flyer points to upgrade your Qatar Airways flight, you can use miles from Qatar’s Privilege Club loyalty programme.

For example, you may purchase a one-way upgrade from the more flexible Y, H, and B economy price classes on flights to Doha from cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, or Miami for precisely 42,500 Qmiles. The upgrade will cost you slightly more, at 50,000 Qmiles, if you have tickets in the less expensive V, S, Q, N, M, L, K, and G fare categories.

Furthermore, if your route from New York to London involves a stopover in Doha, you can upgrade to economy class for 64,000 Qmiles when purchasing a flexible ticket. The exact route would need 75,000 miles at the same midrange fare level. As opposed to seeking upgrades for each travel segment, this method lets you save up to 5,000 miles per way.

It’s vital to remember that tickets already booked with frequent flyer miles and the most affordable O, T, or W fare types are only eligible for Qatar Business Class upgrades. It includes the frequently offered special fares with steep discounts from Qatar Airways.

You have the choice to reserve an upgrade during the booking process on the airline’s official website if one is offered for your flight. But it’s important to remember that promotions are dependent on availability, which varies from flight to flight.

How many miles do you need to upgrade to business class on Qatar Airways?

The “My Calculator” feature is a useful resource for accurately determining the amount of miles required to upgrade your Qatar Airways flight. Here is a detailed explanation of how to utilise it:

  • Please enter your booking reference and last name when you click the My Calculator link so be sure to do that.
  • Locate and select the ‘Upgrade and Excess Baggage’ tab once you are on the calculator screen.
  • For the flight you want to upgrade, enter the pertinent flight information.
  • Simply swap the “Avios” button to “Qmiles” to see the required miles displayed in Qmiles.
  • Check the information provided to determine the exact number of Qmiles required for a free upgrade.

To ensure you have all the information you need for a smooth upgrading procedure, this user-friendly tool will provide you with a clear and precise estimate of the Qmiles required to earn a free upgrade on your Qatar Airways flight.

Upgrade Qatar Flight for Free with QCredits

Members of the Privilege Club programme who are Gold or Platinum level are eligible for a unique benefit: Qcredits can be used for a number of things, such as:

  • Upgrading to the business class on Qatar Airways.
  • Acquiring more allowance for luggage.
  • Gaining entry to lounges at airports.
  • Covering costs associated with award flights and other things.
  • It’s important to remember that Qcredits are still valid 24 months after the date of issuance.

Platinum members receive 60 Qcredits per membership cycle, while Gold members are given 40 Qcredits. Furthermore, you will receive a new allocation of Qcredits each time you retain or increase your membership status. With this exclusive perk, you may pick how to improve your trip with Qatar while enhancing your travel experience.


Q1 How much does Qatar Airways business class cost?

Numerous variables affect the cost of a business class ticket on Qatar Airways. For foreign travel, the typical Business Class booking ticket should cost between USD 3,000 and USD 5,000.

Q2 Does Qatar have a premium economy?

The airline has consistently been against the premium economy. The carriers assert that the economy class on Qatar Airways is the premium economy. Any economy class seat has substantially higher inflight service requirements than premium.

Q3 How to get a cheap business-class ticket with Qatar Airways?

Await the sale on business class. Particularly those that occur in January. Consider travelling to areas close to Doha with little traffic if you want to save money. The fact that you still need to invest between USD 3,000 and USD 5,000 is a negative.
Alternatively, book a lot of flights with them and join their rewards programme. You might get offers for both inexpensive and free upgrades.

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