Lufthansa Name Change Policy

lufthansa name change policy

You should know that as per Lufthansa name change policy, a name that is already on the flight ticket must be the same as it is on the passenger’s official document like a passport, or ID card. And when you are making the booking, you should always take care of the names on the ticket so that they are enter correctly to avoid any issues later. If you have misspelt your name while purchasing your Lufthansa flight reservation or realize a little later that you committed an error in making the booking then this is the best blog for you to start with. Any retrospective corrections to the airline’s PNR involve considerable efforts as well as expenses like Lufthansa name change fee, ticket exchange process and any applicable fare difference.

You Should Go Through The Lufthansa Name Change Policy And Make Sure That You Meet The Requirements:                                 

  • Your ticket must be issue by LH document.
  • Then the LH number and the flight must be operate by Lufthansa Airlines itself.
  • Only one single name correction on the ticket is allow.
  • You must remember that swapping the passenger’s name is not allow as per Lufthansa name change policy.
  • The name correction policy solely applies to individual bookings.
  • The ticket name changes for a group booking only applies as per the contract.
  • You should also keep in mind that any wrong name on the ticket request cannot be permitted or performed in the mixed PNR which includes flight segments from other airlines.

What is LH Name Correction Policy?

You will need to keep the following points in mind as they are important to know:

  • Your Lufthansa booking issued on the ticket stock number must start with 220.
  • The flight must be operate with Lufthansa and make sure that it is with the LH marketing flight number.

According to Lufthansa name change policy, name corrections are only allow once for the following terms

  • There should be up to 2 characters in the first name, middle name, or surname.
  • The nicknames or the inverted names as well.
  • The ticket name change is only done under legal considerations.
  • Any change of travel documents that occur during the booking and commencement of travel.

According to the name change policy, all other name corrections are not permitted this includes the following.

  • The change name on the ticket of more than two letters, the first name, middle name, or surname.
  • Adding or even eliminating the second name.
  • Adding or eliminating hyphenated surnames,
  • Any adding, changing, or deleting MR or MRS or MS
  • Changing of first name or last name of an infant in case of Lufthansa misspelt name requests.
The process on how to change a name on Lufthansa booking

Do you know that you can request a Lufthansa ticket name change request online and over a phone call?

Change your ticket name online.

  • You would first need to visit and then go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section.
  • Next, you will need to enter the six-digit reference code along with the last name of the passenger to be able to access your flight reservation.
  • And then you should click on the ‘Name change’ button that is at the corner. The website will only process the name correction on the ticket requests as passengers can only correct up to two letters on the first name, middle name, or last name.
  • You must add the correct name as it appears on the official travel document. And then you just need to click on the ‘Save’ button to continue.
  • Now at the checkout page, the passengers will need to pay the misspelt name fee along with the applicable fare difference to be able to continue with the request. And then the ticket will be reissue to the same available or lower class available.
  • Finally, when the transaction is complete then you will receive the name change confirmation on your register email.
Follow these steps to change your ticket name via your mobile phone

You are also free to call up the Lufthansa ticket change phone number +1-888-814-2373 at any time.

  • Well, while you are being transfer to the Lufthansa executive, provide the six-digit reference code or the 13-digit ticket number that must start with 220.
  • You can ask the agent to correct the names as only the misspelt characters will be corrected.
  • You also need to pay the Lufthansa misspelt name fee along with the applicable fare as well to proceed with the name change request.
  • After the transaction is done then you will receive the Lufthansa name change confirmation on your email address register with Lufthansa.
Question:- How do I change my name on a Lufthansa ticket?

Answer:- You would be glad to know that the name correction can be done online. For any Lufthansa name change requests, passengers must call the Lufthansa name change number. You should need to know that a name change fee of 200 USD. Would be assess as well along with the fare difference if there is any.

Question:- Can you change the name on a flight ticket after getting married?

Answer:- According to the name change policy, the passengers can request their name changes only under legal considerations; you must keep this in mind. And for this, you would need to submit a legal document to process the name change request so that you can legally alter your first, middle, and last name or any combination of them.

Question:- Is it possible to change the name on a Lufthansa ticket after getting a divorce?

Answer:- Well, according to Lufthansa’s name change policy, the passengers can request name changes but under legal considerations only. Additionally, a legal document is also require to initiate the name correction. So, in cases such as such, a request or re-issuance would be consider, and the flights will need to be rebook in the same manner or lower/higher class available.


The above details are just as relevant and true to what is said. Therefore, we trust that you find this blog useful and can get your name change at any time. However, if you require any further guidance or more related information then you can always get in touch with the team of experts provided. And they will make sure that you are assist with the topmost instructions ever. So now just go ahead and avail yourself of the services from well-equipped techs right here without having second thoughts.

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