Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Lufthansa Flight Change

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy: The world of travel is as dynamic as the skies themselves, often presenting unexpected turns and twists that challenge even the most meticulous plans. Whether it’s an impromptu meeting, a sudden change in schedule, or the desire to extend your vacation just a little longer, the need to modify your flight arrangements can arise at any moment. This is where an airline’s flight change policy steps in as a guiding beacon, offering you the flexibility and peace of mind you require when life takes an unexpected detour.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of one of the aviation industry’s prominent players: Lufthansa. With a rich history, an expansive network, and a reputation for impeccable service, Lufthansa has become a preferred choice for travelers seeking a seamless flying experience. But what happens when your plans evolve, and you find yourself needing to make alterations to your booked flight? Fear not, for we’re here to unravel the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy, providing you with a clear roadmap to navigate through the process effortlessly.

How to Change Lufthansa Flight

Here are some points that you need to follow before changing the Lufthansa Airlines Flights:-

  • Flight changes with Lufthansa offer options such as altering the date, time, destination, or stopovers within the flight path.
  • Rebooking or modifying a flight is contingent upon the fare type selected by the passenger.
  • Passengers making flight changes beyond the grace period are required to cover the change fee along with any relevant disparities in flight route costs.
  • The feasibility of route adjustments is subject to availability and the specific fare type associated with the travel itinerary.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Economy Class (Flights from the U.S.)

Economy Saver           Economy Basic           Economy Basic Plus I        Economy Flex II

Not permitted             USD 300                        USD 300                             Free

Note: Economy Light fares are only available for flights originating from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to the U.S.If you make a reservation through at least 7 days before departure, you can cancel and refund it within 24 hours of purchase without penalty.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Premium Economy (Flights from the U.S.)

Premium Economy Basic       Premium Economy Basic Plus I         Premium Economy Flex

USD 300                                    USD 300                                                  Free

Note: If you book your ticket online through Lufthansa’s website at least 7 days before your flight’s departure, you can cancel and refund it within 24 hours without incurring any penalty.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Business Class(Flights from the U.S.)

Business Basic            Business Basic Plus II              Business Flex

USD 450                      USD 450                                      Free

Note: If you make an online booking through Lufthansa’s website at least 7 days before departure, you can cancel and refund it within 24 hours without paying any penalty.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—First Class(Flights from the U.S.)

First Basic       First Basic Plus           First Basic Plus II       First Flex

USD 450         USD 450                       USD 750                        Free

Note: Online bookings made through Lufthansa’s website at least 7 days before departure can be cancelled and refunded within 24 hours of purchase without penalty.

After May 31, 2022, Lufthansa’s COVID-19-related flight change policy was no longer in place. As a result, the usual fare conditions will once again apply as of June 1, 2022. This means that unless your ticket’s specific fare terms enable it, your flight ticket is no longer available for free adjustments and rebooking. According to the terms of your ticket’s tariff, Lufthansa’s flight modification protocol gives you the option to rearrange the majority of your flights for a fee.

Lufthansa Change Fee

Depending on the class of travel you’ve chosen, the change fees for Lufthansa flights departing from the United States often range from USD 300 to USD 750 per traveller. It’s critical to keep in mind that any difference between the original and updated travel prices is in addition to these adjustment fees.

The flexibility to cancel any flight plans made through within a 24-hour window from the time of purchase is extended by Lufthansa’s ticket adjustment process. This clause is applicable if the departure date is planned to occur at least seven days in the future.

Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Economy Class (Flights from the U.S.)
Economy Saver Economy Basic Economy Basic Plus I Economy Flex II
Not permitted USD 300 USD 300 Free


Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Premium Economy (Flights from the U.S.)
Premium Economy Basic Premium Economy Basic Plus I Premium Economy Flex
USD 300 USD 300 Free


Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—Business Class(Flights from the U.S.)
Business Basic Business Basic Plus II Business Flex
USD 450 USD 450 Free


Lufthansa Change/Rebooking Fee—First Class(Flights from the U.S.)
First Basic First Basic Plus First Basic Plus II First Flex
USD 450 USD 450 USD 750 Free


Award Reservation Change Fee: Miles & More

After cancelling your reservation, Lufthansa gives you the choice to recover the Miles from fully utilised award tickets within a year beginning on the date of issuance. Flight rebooking is subject to a price of USD 60/EUR 50/CHF 70; it’s important to note that this fee may not apply to all flights. It’s crucial to stress that changes can only be made to the time and date of your flight reservation. Changes to the path you take while travelling are not permit according to this regulation.

Additionally, there are some limitations on the flight prizes offer by Lufthansa. It is expressly forbidden to transfer, sell, or auction off these flight prizes. However, you do have the option of giving these rewards to your loved ones without any payment being exchange. It applies as long as you physically handle the ticket purchase procedure, even if you won’t be travelling with them.

How to Change Your Lufthansa Flight

You have the freedom to alter your flight reservation using a variety of means, including online, via phone, through a mobile app, or at a ticket office, according to Lufthansa’s flight modification policy. The modifications you can make include alterations to the departure date, destination, and travel class, depending on the fare terms of your ticket.

To change your online flight reservation with Lufthansa:

  • Check out
  • Go to the “My Bookings” area by navigating.
  • Give your booking code, first and last name.
  • Select “Find Bookings” from the menu. (The booking summary will show any reservations that are refundable.)
  • Select the specific reservation you want to change.
  • Then, continue by following the on-screen directions to modify your flight’s details.

Changing through the Lufthansa Mobile App:

In addition to their online portal, Lufthansa also has a mobile app that you can use to change your flight(s).

For Help or a Rebooking:

Contact Lufthansa’s specialised service line at +1-888-814-2373 if you run into any issues or want to make a new reservation.

Other Ways to Change Your Lufthansa Flight Booking

Other Options for Altering Your Lufthansa Flight:

  • By Phone: Lufthansa provides the option of modifying your flight reservation over the phone if you want individualised help. Call +1-888-814-2373, and a knowledgeable customer service agent will walk you through the procedure.
  • Using the Mobile App: You can change your flight reservation from the convenience of your mobile device using Lufthansa’s mobile app. You can find the tools to easily modify your flight details in the user-friendly design of the Lufthansa app, which you may download.
  • Through a Ticket Office: Lufthansa’s ticket offices offer a method for changing your flight reservation if you value in-person communication. If you go in person to a Lufthansa ticket office, the helpful staff will help you make the required changes to your reservation so that your travel arrangements match your preferences.

By including these flexible alternatives, Lufthansa accompanies your specific tastes and enables you to change your travel itinerary in a way that best suits your comfort and convenience.


Q1 What is Lufthansa change fee?

The per-passenger change cost for Lufthansa flights leaving the United States ranges from USD 300 to USD 750. The particular cost depends on the makeup of your fare category. It’s important to understand that this cost is distinct from any difference between the fare you paid initially and the update fare for your revised flight itinerary.

Q2 Has the Lufthansa change fee been eliminated?

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Lufthansa made significant changes to its change fee, which was temporarily abolish until May 31, 2022. This kind act was intend to help with the uncertainty the world health crisis had brought about. But as of June 1, 2022, Lufthansa has brought back its usual fare terms, reverting to the pre-pandemic regulatory framework. This modification reflects the airline’s return to normal operations while upholding openness and consistency in its treatment of fare regulations.

Q3 Is Lufthansa’s change fee waiver over?

Yes, on May 31, 2022, Lufthansa’s remission of the change charge expired.

Q4 What is Lufthansa’s change flight policy?

The procedure for changing flights with Lufthansa depends on a number of variables, including your particular route, the type of tariff you’ve selected, and the relevant fare conditions. With the exception of flights purchased using the Economy Saver pricing category, this policy gives you the freedom to change the bulk of your reservations. It’s significant to remember that the tariff criteria specified in your ticket apply to the fee for changing your travel.

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