LATAM Change Flight Policy

LATAM change flight

If you plan to go with them, you should familiarize yourself with LATAM change flight Policy. In our blog post, you may learn everything you need to know about changing your flight with LATAM. It covers the fees, guidelines, and procedures you must adhere to to modify your reservation. Understanding these guidelines will make it simpler for you to alter your travel itinerary without incurring financial loss.

Depending on the fare class and the period of the requested change, most flight changes are subject to change costs (penalties). Also, remember that even if you are eligible for a fee waiver, you must pay the cost difference when rescheduling your travel. The following is a list of other crucial information regarding LATAM change flight policy.

Call Support Number:- +1-888-814-2373

Key Points To Remember About LATAM Change Flight Policy

You may alter your flight if you meet the requirements outlined in LATAM Airlines’ change policy. Before making any changes to your itinerary, you must become familiar with the precise terms and circumstances of the airline’s change policy.

  • Change Fees: In most cases, there may be a price if you want to change your flight. It depends on the type of ticket you purchased and the time frame for the change. Even if there isn’t a fee, you can still pay more if the new ticket is more expensive.
  • Ticket regulations: There are many tickets with various rules. Here are the main categories:
    • Flexibility: These tickets are free to modify or cancel.
    • Control: There is a cost associated with changing or receiving a refund.
    • Refunds and adjustments are restricted for Access and Base.
  • Route Matters: The regulations vary depending on whether you fly within Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, or Brazil. You can make changes before or after the flight, and there might be a price, depending on your ticket type.
  • Modify Fee Waivers: If you are a particular LATAM Pass member, you may not be required to pay a fee to modify some tickets.
  • Flight Cancellations: If your flight is postponed or cancelled, you can choose another flight within a year that travels in the same class and to the exact location.
  • Altering Your Ticket: There are several ways to change your ticket, including online, over the phone, at the airport, and through your travel agent. You may only make one update to your ticket.
  • Booking Through Agents: When making a reservation through a travel agent at +1-888-814-2373, request a change to your ticket. You can speak with LATAM directly if you need to modify just before takeoff or if your fare is standard.

How to Change LATAM Flight?

Changing a Flight with LATAM Airlines

You have options to modify your LATAM flight:

  1. Online via My Trips:
  • For regular tickets bought with money
  • For award tickets, go to My Trips > Changes and refunds
  1. By Phone: Call the airline’s service number
  2. Through Your Travel Agent: If an agent helped you book, Call Now +1-888-814-2373
  3. At LATAM’s Offices: Visit their ticketing or sales office
  4. At the Airport: Go to the ticket counter

LATAM Change Flight Online

To change your flight online, follow these steps:

  • Open the LATAM Airlines website:
  • Choose “Manage your trips” from the “My Trips” section.
  • Enter your reservation code and last name from your booking.
  • Click the “Search” button.
  • Pick the flight you want to modify.
  • Click on “Ticket Change.”
  • Follow the instructions to adjust your flight date and time. (You can’t change the route online.)
  • Confirm the modifications you made.
  • Pay the required flight change fee and any difference in fare.

How To Change The Flight Date on LATAM?

There are various options available to you if you need to adjust the date of your LATAM flight. The following are some methods you can change:

  • Online Change: Visit the LATAM website and go under “My Trips” for the “Manage your trip” area. Follow the instructions to modify your flight date as necessary once you’re in your flight booking.
  • Customer Service: Telephone numbers for LATAM’s customer care are available. The individuals on the other end are there to assist you with changing your date and to respond to any inquiries you may have.
  • Travel Agent: If you purchased your ticket via a travel agent, you must contact them to change the date.
  • In Person: If you’d prefer to modify your flight date in person, visit a LATAM sales office or an airport ticket counter.

You can change things in a variety of ways, then. Choose the option that best suits your needs!

How To Change Flight Time on LATAM?

Refer to the answer above and adjust your flight time to update your LATAM flight time. Keep in mind that seat availability governs all flight adjustments.

LATAM Airlines Change Fee For Cash Tickets

Especially if you’re flying to or from the United States, the cost of altering your ticket with LATAM Airlines varies on the type of fare you have and where you’re flying from or to:

  1. Non-Flexible Cash Tickets (Before Departure): If you wish to change a regular cash ticket before your flight, but it isn’t highly flexible, the price is either USD 300 or the whole amount, whichever is lower.
  2. Flexibility/Premium Economy Top Cash Tickets: If you have a flexible or Premium Economy Top ticket, you can change your flight before or after takeoff without incurring any costs.
  3. Changes Made After Departure: If you alter your flight after your trip has begun, it will be considered a “No Show.” The lower of USD 450 or the whole fare will be charged to you.

Always bear in mind that these costs are subject to change, so before making any changes to your travel arrangements, ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

LATAM Same Day Flight Change

If you keep the same date, starting point, and destination, you can modify your flight with LATAM on the same day. But the new flight needs to have empty seats.

You have up to 24 hours before takeoff to complete this. You can do it using the LATAM App or online through My Trips. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Only LATAM-operated flights can be changed.
  • There is a one-time price but no additional charge for the new ticket.
  • On the same day, you can change the flights for everyone on your reservation.
  • The terms of the initial ticket you purchased will remain the same.
  • Both adults and children must pay the same fees. However, it’s free for children under 2 years old.
  • A flight that stops in the midst cannot be changed to a flight that continues straight, and vice versa.

Same-Day Change Service Cost

If you want to change your flight to a different one on the same day, you’ll need to pay a service fee:

  • Brazil: Changing a domestic flight in Brazil costs BRL 100.
  • Chile: For changing a domestic flight within Chile, the fee is CLP 20,000.
  • Colombia: Changing a domestic flight within Colombia comes with a fee of COP 50,000.
  • Ecuador: If you’re changing a domestic flight within Ecuador, the fee is USD 15.
  • Peru: Changing a domestic flight within Peru costs USD 30.
  • Other Flights: For all other flights, whether national or international, the fee is USD 75.

Fee Waivers

If you’re a part of LATAM Pass, certain members won’t have to pay extra for same-day services:

  1. Black Signature and Black Members: You’re exempt no matter what flight you’re taking.
  2. Platinum and Gold Plus Members: If you’re flying domestically, you won’t have to pay.
  3. Gold Members: Only within Colombia you’re exempt from these charges.

Apart from Basic fares, the unique benefits apply to all fare types.

Exceptions To Same-Day Flight Changes

You cannot alter your flight on the same day if you are:

  1. Aside from the cost of your ticket, you have already paid for things like your seat, luggage, and priority boarding.
  2. Your luggage has already been left at the airport.
  3. You reserved a service, such as one for children flying alone or one for bringing a pet into the cargo hold, requiring confirmation at least 24 hours before your journey.

LATAM Airlines Change Fee for Award Tickets

Location Cash Change Fees LATAM Pass Miles Change Fees
Within Ecuador $15 2,400 miles
Within Colombia $25 2,800 miles
Within Chile $40 5,700 miles
Within Peru $16 5,700 miles
Within Brazil $60 6,000 miles


Route Cash Change Fees for Award Tickets
Within South America $75
South America to the United States $200
Other International Flights $150

In the following circumstances, a LATAM Pass ticket may be changed:

  1. The ticket is still valid.
  2. The ticket is still valid and has yet to run out of time.
  3. Before your flight takes off, you request the change.
  4. You can make this modification using your LATAM Pass Miles.
  5. If the new ticket’s price is higher, you also pay the difference.

 LATAM Airlines Schedule Change Policy

LATAM will notify you if your flight time is changed through email or SMS. Depending on the delay, they will also provide other options and assistance.

 Your Decisions If There Is a Significant Delay:

You have the following choices if LATAM significantly modified your flight, delaying it by at least 31 minutes or moving it up in time by at least 16 minutes, preventing you from travelling:

Choose a different day to travel if you want to. You won’t pay more for this. You may either:

  • You can change your flight’s departure date by up to 7 days or postpone it for up to 15 days.
  • Change Your Route: If you decide to take a different route, you will only be required to pay the difference in price between the two tickets. Changes to the route are free of charge.
  • Get a Refund: Refunds are available upon request for the ticket’s cost. There won’t be any more fees associate with this.

Remember that you can only use these options if LATAM significantly delays or modifies your trip. Never decide without first considering your possibilities.

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Q1. Can I change my LATAM flight?

A. All LATAM flight tickets, except those with Economy Promo rates, can be change. However, you must always pay the fare difference and the appropriate flight change cost (in most situations).

Q2. Does LATAM charge for Changing dates?

A. If you want to modify your flight date, LATAM will charge you a flight change fee unless you bought a Flex/Premium Economy Top ticket. The fare difference between the old and the new must also be paid.

Q3. How long do I have to change my tickets?

A. Depending on the ticket you bought, you may have a certain amount of time to modify it. Most tickets are good for travel for 12 months after the first flight. If you have arrived at your destination, the length of time that your return ticket will be valid will depend on the ticket’s maximum stay allowance. This information is accessible through My Trips or in the Maximum stay allowed portion of the email confirmation you received after purchasing your ticket. Alternatively, ask LATAM by phone.

Q4. Is there a deadline for making a change of flight on LATAM?

A. Yes, there is a cutoff time for LATAM flight changes. See the answer above for information on determining the deadline for your fare type.

Q5. How can I change my tickets?

A. The email receipt sent to you after you purchase your ticket will state whether or not you can modify it. Additionally, you can do this using My Trips online or by contacting LATAM Airlines.

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