Icelandair Change Flight Policy

Icelandair Change Flight Policy

You might be wondering about the intricacies of Icelandair flight change policy if your travel plans change and you need to rearrange your journey.

In this article, we will break down all the crucial information about changing your tickets, including potential fees, restrictions, and the step-by-step process for adjusting. Knowing Icelandair’s policy on flight modifications is essential to ensuring a simple and relaxing experience, regardless of whether you plan to rearrange your trip timetable or create an altogether new itinerary.

Key Highlights of Icelandair Change Flight

The revised Icelandair flight modification policy enables passengers to adjust their flight date and/or destination based on their ticket type and purchase date. Notably, all fare classes (excluding Economy Light) can be altered subject to a fee, except for Flex fares (Economy or Saga Premium), which can be adjusted free of charge. However, regardless of qualifying for a change fee waiver, travelers must cover the difference between the initial and the updated fare.

The main points of Icelandair’s flight-change policy are as follows:

According to the different pricing types, Icelandair’s policy for altering flights is as follows:

Economy Light Fares:

    1. Date modifications are prohibited for fares purchased on or after April 4, 2022.
    2. Tickets for Economy Light purchased before April 4, 2022, are eligible for one free date change.

Standard Economy and Saga Premium:

    1. For Economy Standard and Saga Premium rates, tickets issued on or after August 1, 2022, can be changed for a charge.
    2. Tickets for these fare types enable one free date change before August 1, 2022.

Saga Premium Flex Fares and Economy Flex Fares:

    1. Free date changes are permitted for Economy Flex and Saga Premium Flex fares.
    2. However, the price difference between the old and new fares must be paid.

For tickets purchased through third parties, changes must be made directly with the ticket provider (websites or travel agencies).

Check the confirmation email you received after booking, or go into My Journey online with your booking information to find out what kind of ticket you have.

Icelandair’s change fees depend on your fare class and route. The following are the requirements of Icelandair’s flight change policy to keep in mind:

  • In every case, the fare difference must be paid.
  • The 12-month validity period of the original ticket must be observed for your trip.
  • This rule applies to Icelandair tickets with a first number beginning with 108.
  • The ticket categories and periods indicated above are the only ones that qualify for fee waivers for modifications.

Icelandair Change Fee

Understanding the airline’s change fees and policies should come first if you consider changing your Icelandair flight. This section covers all the pertinent details about Icelandair’s change fees, including examples of their use, related costs, and any potential exclusions or exemptions available.

Fare Type Economy Light Economy Standard Economy Flex Saga Premium Saga Premium Flex
Change Fee (USD) Not permitted To/from Iceland, Europe, and Israel: 250 Nil To/from Iceland: 300

To/from Europe/Israel: 350



Fare Type Economy Light Economy Standard Economy Flex Saga Premium Saga Premium Flex
Change Fee (one-way) Not Permitted Within Iceland: ISK 4,000 Iceland – Greenland: ISK 13,000 Nil NA NA


Fare Class Economy Light Economy Standard Economy Flex Saga Premium Saga Premium Flex
Change Fee (One-way) Not allowed Within Iceland: ISK 4,000 Iceland – Greenland: ISK 13,000 None Not applicable Not applicable

Change Fee Exceptions/Waivers

If you’re planning a journey with Icelandair, you must familiarize yourself with potential exceptions or relaxations about their alteration charges. The particulars concerning when Icelandair’s change fees might be exempted and how this could benefit you are outlined below.

  • Economy (Standard or Flex)
  • Saga (Premium or Premium Flex)

For Economy Standard and Saga Premium tickets, the initial modification is free; however, subsequent alterations will follow the regular fare regulations of the ticket.

Regarding international Economy Light tickets issued before April 4, 2022, a one-time change fee waiver is applicable, provided that any further modifications will be subject to charges as per the standard fare regulations of the ticket.

Moreover, Domestic Economy Light and Economy Standard tickets issued before October 1, 2021, are also eligible for a one-time change fee waiver, stipulating that the standard fare regulations of the ticket will govern any subsequent changes.

How To Change an Icelandair Flight?

You have a few options for changing your Icelandair flight:

  1. Manage bookings online
  2. Via phone +1-888-814-2373,
    1. Contact an Icelandair call centre close to you by dialling directly from the website
    2. Contact them if you made your reservation through a travel agent or third party.
    3. Speak with Icelandair’s sales department
  3. At the airport counter,

Change Icelandair Flight Online

To change your Icelandair flight online:

  • Visit the official website:
    • Click the “Manage booking” tab below the flight booking box.
  • On the “Manage your booking” page:
    • Provide your Last name and Booking reference or e-ticket number.
    • Access your reservation.
  • Look for the option to modify your flight:
    • It might be labelled as “Change Flight” or something similar.
    • The label may vary based on your location.
  • Select a new date and time for your flight:
    • Click on the modification option.
    • Follow the provided prompts.
  • Note potential fees and fare differences:
    • Review applicable terms and conditions before proceeding.
  • Make necessary changes:
    • Confirm new flight details.
    • Complete the payment process if needed.
  • Receive confirmation by email

How To Change The Flight Date on Icelandair?

Changing Flight Date with Icelandair:

  • Online Method:
    • If you made a direct booking via Icelandair’s website, altering your flight date is convenient.
    • Log in to your account or visit the homepage.
    • Access the “Manage booking” section.
    • Review your itinerary and implement the required adjustments, including selecting a new flight date.
  • Customer Service by Phone  +1-888-814-2373:
    • Another option is to change your flight date by contacting Icelandair’s customer service by phone.
  • Third-Party Bookings:
    • Changing the flight date requires a different approach if you reserve through a third-party website or travel agent.
    • Contact the third-party source directly to seek assistance in modifying your flight date.

How To Change a Return Flight on Icelandair?

Changing your return flight with Icelandair is a simple process that offers online and customer service options.

For those who have directly booked with Icelandair, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account or visit the homepage.
  • Choose the “Manage booking” option.
  • Access your reservation by providing your last name, booking reference, or e-ticket number.
  • Select your return flight and follow the prompts to make the necessary changes.
  • Confirm the changes and proceed to payment for the change fee and/or fare difference, if applicable.

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email containing your modified return flight details.

Icelandair Schedule Change Policy

Icelandair Schedule Change Policy:

  • Flexibility for Disrupted Travel:
    • Make changes to your flight due to schedule disruptions.
    • Notification via SMS, email, or phone for schedule changes.
    • Rebooking on the next available flight or alternate options at no extra cost.
  • Significant Impact Options:
    • Rebook with no additional charge.
  • Request a full refund if:
    • Missed flight connection due to change.
    • Rescheduled timing is no longer suitable.
    • The flight was cancelled without Icelandair’s rebooking offer.
    • Delay of 5 hours or more.

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Q1. What happens if my new Icelandair flight is more expensive than my original one?

A. You will be responsible for paying the cost difference and additional change fees if your new flight is more expensive.

Q2. Can I change my flight destination on Icelandair?

A. You can modify the destination of your flight by paying the appropriate cost differences and taxes. You cannot make any adjustments if you have paid for an Economy Light fare, though.

Q3. Can I change my flight date on Icelandair?

A. Most of the time, sure. Icelandair permits date adjustments, but only for tickets priced in Economy Light. However, every change is contingent on the availability of seats, any applicable change fees, and the ticket difference.

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