Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change

Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy: Welcome to the enchanting world of Hawaiian Airlines, where the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii beckon travelers from around the globe. Planning a trip can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, and one common concern that often arises is the possibility of needing to change your flight details, including the passenger’s name. Fear not!

In this comprehensive blog post, we will take you on an exciting journey through the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy, exploring its intricacies and providing you with invaluable insights. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s soar high into the world of name changes!

Understanding the Importance of Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Why Is a Name Change Policy Necessary?

In the realm of air travel, strict policies and regulations are essential to ensure a seamless and secure experience for passengers. The name on your airline ticket must align accurately with your identification documents to prevent any potential security issues. A well-defined name change policy allows airlines to maintain passenger safety, prevent fraudulent activities, and manage flight bookings efficiently.

The Implications of Not Having a Name Change Policy

Without a robust name change policy, airlines may face numerous challenges, including:

  • Increased security risks
  • Inconsistent passenger information
  • Overbooking and confusion
  • Potential loss of revenue

Decoding the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy

Name Change Eligibility

Before delving into the procedures, let’s understand who is eligible for a name change with Hawaiian Airlines:

  • Spelling Errors: In the event of a minor spelling error in the passenger’s name, the airline typically allows corrections without imposing any additional charges.
  • Legal Name Change: If a passenger has legally changed their name, they are usually eligible for a name change, provided proper documentation is presented.
  • Marriage or Divorce: Hawaiian Airlines may permit name changes due to marriage or divorce, subject to supporting documents.
  • Mistake by the Airline: If the airline itself makes an error in the passenger’s name, they should rectify it without any cost to the traveler.

Name Change Fees and Charges

Now that we know who is eligible, let’s explore the fees associated with name changes:

  • The name change fees vary based on the type of ticket purchased, the destination, and the time remaining until the flight departure.
  • To avoid higher charges, it’s essential to request a name change as early as possible.
  • Pro tip: Double-check all the information while booking your flight to avoid any potential mistakes.

Process of Requesting a Name Change

The process of requesting a name change with Hawaiian Airlines typically involves the following steps:

  • Contact Customer Support: Get in touch with the Hawaiian Airlines customer support team: +1-888-702-4465 through their helpline or website. Explain your situation and reason for the name change.
  • Submit Supporting Documents: Provide the necessary documents, such as a valid ID, marriage certificate, or court order, as proof of the name change.
  • Pay the Applicable Fees: Depending on the circumstances and the time left until the departure, you may need to pay the required name change fees.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once the airline processes your request and approves the name change, you will receive a confirmation email or notification.

Name Change Restrictions and Limitations

It’s essential to be aware of certain restrictions and limitations that may apply to the name change process:

  • International Flights: Name changes for international flights may be subject to additional rules and restrictions imposed by different countries’ immigration and customs regulations.
  • Promotional and Discounted Tickets: Some promotional or discounted tickets may not allow name changes, so it’s crucial to review the terms and conditions before booking.
  • Codeshare Flights: If you’re traveling on a codeshare flight, the name change policy may be governed by the operating airline, not necessarily Hawaiian Airlines.

Tips for a Smooth Name Change Experience

Double-Check Your Information

To minimize the chances of needing a name change, always double-check the information you provide while booking your flight. Pay close attention to spelling, as even a minor error could lead to unnecessary complications.

Plan and Book in Advance

Booking your flights well in advance allows you enough time to review all the details and make any necessary changes without incurring hefty fees. Additionally, early bookings often come with more flexible change policies.

Keep Your Documents Handy

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a family reunion, if you anticipate a potential name change in the near future, keep all relevant documents, such as marriage certificates or court orders, easily accessible.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before finalizing your flight booking, take the time to read and understand the airline’s terms and conditions. Familiarize yourself with their name change policy to avoid any surprises later on.

Real-Life Examples of Successful Name Changes

Wedding Bells in Hawaii

Meet Sarah and Jack, a charming couple excitedly planning their dream wedding in the mesmerizing landscapes of Hawaii. After booking their flights, Sarah realized that she would need to change her last name on the ticket after the wedding. She contacted Hawaiian Airlines customer support, explained her situation, and provided a copy of their marriage certificate. The airline processed the name change promptly, and Sarah and Jack flew to their wedding destination with hearts full of joy and love.

A Spelling Mishap Averted

Tom, an adventure enthusiast, was all set for an unforgettable surfing trip to Hawaii. As he reviewed his flight details, he noticed a minor spelling error in his last name. Tom immediately contacted Hawaiian Airlines, and they rectified the mistake without any additional charges. Tom’s surfboard wasn’t the only thing riding the waves that day; he was riding the waves of relief knowing his name was correct on his ticket.


Embarking on a journey with Hawaiian Airlines to the paradise of Hawaii is a dream come true for many travelers. While the thought of a name change may seem daunting, understanding the Hawaiian Airlines Name Change Policy can alleviate any concerns. By adhering to the eligibility criteria, being aware of associated fees, and following the proper process, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Remember, preparation is key! Double-check your booking details, plan in advance, and keep all necessary documents ready. This will help you avoid any last-minute rush or potential name change issues. So, sit back, relax, and let Hawaiian Airlines take you on a magical adventure to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Can I Change the Name on My Hawaiian Airlines Ticket Online?

No, Hawaiian Airlines does not currently support online name changes. To request a name change, you must contact their customer support team.

Q2 Are Name Changes Allowed for Group Bookings?

Yes, Hawaiian Airlines permits name changes for group bookings. However, keep in mind that each individual’s eligibility and associated fees may vary.

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