Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight

There are days when you might come across an emergency or a sudden change of plan causing you to change or cancel your flights reservations. Well if you find yourself in the same situation then you need not worry as Hawaiian Airlines change flight policy has you covered with the best services and facilities. Hawaiian Airlines helps to make your booking and changing flights more manageable and easier. The airline’s change flight policy provides you with complete flexibility that makes changing flights convenient with Hawaiian Airlines.

Changing Flights on Hawaiian Airlines

Are you seeking proper guidance and appropriate information regarding changing flights on Hawaiian Airlines? Please read this content as it explains important details and points provided in Hawaiian Airlines’ Flight Change Policy.

Online Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change

With Hawaiian Airlines you can easily make changes to your flight reservation using the airline’s official website or you could also download the mobile app if you want. In the online method, you can get the flight change service facilities which help in the process of making any changes and amendments to your reservation with Hawaiian Airlines. Once you get at it you will find how easy it is to access the online service as it makes things convenient.

Follow the steps below as instructed to change your Hawaiian Airlines flight ticket:

  • You would need to begin by visiting Hawaiian Airlines websites first.
  • And then you got to find the options that say ‘My Trips’ when you see it you must click on it.
  • After that, you will need to enter the confirmation code e-ticket number as well as the passenger’s last name in the given fields.
  • You will now have to click on the ‘Change my flights’ option.
  • Then alternately, you must follow the prompted on-screen instructions for further process to continue.
  • Next, you would need to pay the change fee as well as the fare difference if applicable only.
  • Furthermore, you got to make sure that you receive the new ticket confirmation on your registered email address or phone number.

Offline Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change

Do you know that you can always choose to make amendments or changes to your reservations through the offline mode as well? Using the offline method you get to choose to call Hawaiian Airlines to change your flight number or Hawaiian reservation department number or you could also visit the airline booking center/kiosk at the airport.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Fee

By now you already know that Hawaiian Airlines charge a change fee if you have a non-refundable ticket. The changes can be any amendments in the reservation that includes a change of time/date of flights or the route change. Furthermore, the change fee depends on the type of flight and the destination that you purchase. You will find the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fee described below.

  • International Change Fee: $50-$300 ($50 only for flights booked through HawaiianMiles).
  • The fee to change flights from the USA to Japan – is $300.
  • Moreover, the charge fee ranges from $50 to $300 for all the other flights from the USA.

NOTE: You should know that the flight change fee from a different country will be in the same currency according to country. Such as the change fee of $100 will be charged for any flight that departs from Australia.

  • The change fee for domestic flights (North America) is USD 200 (if the flight is booked through HawaiianMiles, the fee is USD 50).
  • There is a USD 30 change fee for flights within nearby islands (USD 30 change fee if booked through HawaiianMiles).
  • Additionally, additional charges may apply if the flight is booked through a third party travel agency. However, this depends on your terms of service.

Hawaiian Airlines Same Day Flight Change

The same-day flight change service at Hawaiian Airlines allows you to make any changes and amendments to your flight ticket on the original departure date of the flight. However, you are allowed to make the changes until an hour before the originally scheduled departure of the flight.

You must keep in mind that you are only allowed to choose the flight of the same route according to your original ticket booking. And if you have already checked in then you will not be able to choose for an earlier flight booking. You must know that you would need to make a flight change fee payment as well as the fare difference between the old and the new flight if applicable.

Read the article above and you’ll have all the details you need about Hawaiian Airlines flight travel. Therefore we trust that we have provided you with the most useful and informative details. In addition if you require further guidance or some queries related you can feel free to get in touch with the team at Airline help. You will be guided right away by a highly trained and experienced team.


The policy allows customers to make changes to their flight reservations, such as modifying travel dates or routes, subject to certain terms and conditions. Passengers should carefully review the specific details of the policy before booking their tickets to understand the fees, restrictions, and eligibility criteria associated with making changes to their flights. Overall, the airline aims to accommodate its customers’ changing needs while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.


Q1 Can I change my flight date with Airlines?

Yes, Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to change their flight dates, subject to the terms and conditions of the fare class and ticket type purchased. There may be change fees and fare differences applicable based on the new travel dates and availability.

Q2 How do I change my flight with Hawaiian Airlines?

You can change your flight with Hawaiian Airlines by accessing your booking through their official website or contacting their customer service directly. Online changes are often convenient and allow you to view available options instantly.

Q3 Are there any change fees for modifying my flight with Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, changing your flight booking may result in different change fees depending on the fare class, ticket type and time of change. Passengers should refer to the airline’s change flight policy for specific details on applicable fees.

Q4 Can I change the destination of my Airlines flight?

In some cases, it is possible to change the destination of your flight with Airlines. However, this is subject to availability and fare differences, and it’s best to contact the airline’s customer service for assistance.

Q5 What is the deadline for making changes to my Hawaiian Airlines flight?

The deadline for making changes to your flight will depend on the specific fare rules and conditions associated with your ticket. Some fares may have more restrictive change policies, while others offer greater flexibility. It is advisable to review your ticket’s terms or consult with the airline directly for the applicable deadline.

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