The Complete Guide to Get Etihad Upgrade Service

Etihad Upgrade Service

Etihad Upgrade Service: Are you hoping to get an upgrade on your next Etihad flight? It can appear like your chances aren’t great if you’re not a high-ranking Guest Miles member of Etihad. But don’t lose hope; even when demand is high, and seats are few, there’s typically a way to get a seat in the premium cabin. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

  • Get acquainted with the upgrade procedure.
  • Learn how to use your frequent flyer miles to get free upgrades.
  • When available, take advantage of affordable premium flight options.

We’ll go into detail about how elite and non-elite members can get an upgrade in this tutorial.

Types of Upgrades on Etihad Airways

You have a wide range of à la carte alternatives at your disposal, so you can relax on a completely flat bed with extra room and peace while travelling. There are various options to consider when requesting an Etihad Upgrade Service, regardless of whether your preference leans towards First Class or Business. Here is a guide to getting in the upgrade queue:

  • Etihad Guest Miles Upgrade: When you have enough Etihad Guest Miles, you can upgrade to a luxurious premium travel experience by exchanging your miles.
  • Etihad Upgrade Service Bid: Place a bid or offer to upgrade your flight on Etihad Airways to Business or First Class. Etihad will let you know the outcome 24 hours before your scheduled departure if a small fee is paid.
  • Requesting an Upgrade with an Airline: To improve your flight, contact Global Contact Customer Service or ask an Etihad flight executive for help when you arrive at the airport.
  • Push Upgrade: Up to 48 hours before your flight, speak with one of our specialists to arrange a push upgrade. To get the procedure started, just get in touch with the airline’s customer service. Upgrades may be available depending on your reserved fare, and you can quickly pay for them with a credit card.
  • Upgrade at the Airport: If you missed upgrading in advance, don’t panic; there’s still a possibility. By upgrading, you are given free access to the airport lounge and the ability to check an extra bag. Availability and your fare determine whether you qualify for an upgrade. Cash, a credit card, or Etihad Guest Miles are all acceptable methods of payment. Please be aware that the airline’s Chauffeur service is not available for Instant Airport Upgrades, and you will only earn Etihad Guest Miles in accordance with your original ticket.

How to Upgrade Etihad Flight?

How to Upgrade Etihad Flight?

Let’s now discuss the different ways you may use your miles and points to request an Etihad Guest upgrade, as well as some other ways to improve your travel experience.

Etihad Guest Miles Upgrade:

Depending on the route you’re taking and the kind of ticket you initially bought, the amount of miles required for an  Etihad Upgrade Service may change. Let’s examine these specifics:

  • Impact of Ticket Type: The original ticket you bought had a significant effect. For instance, if you start with an ‘Economy Saver’ ticket, you’ll need twice as many miles as a ‘Flex’ fare, set at 91,198 miles. Here is a real-world example:
  • The price of a flight from Sydney to London through Abu Dhabi is:
  • An upgrade from an “Economy Flex” ticket costs 73,553 miles.
  • An upgrade from an “Economy” fare costs 103,342 miles.
  • For an upgrade from a ‘Economy Saver’ flight, 143,612 miles are required.

Upgrades are not available for flights that are restricted or in basic economy.

Upgrade Costs by Route

1) Abu Dhabi to North America:

  • From Economy: 75,000 miles + 150 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 68,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 25,000 miles
  • From First Class: 15,000 miles

2) Abu Dhabi to Middle East, Africa:

  • From Economy: 70,000 miles + 175 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 59,000 miles + 175 USD
  • From Business Class: 29,000 miles + 100 USD
  • From First Class: 15,000 miles

3) Abu Dhabi to Sub-Continent:

  • From Economy: 70,000 miles + 175 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 68,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 34,000 miles
  • From First Class: 15,000 miles

4) Abu Dhabi to Central America:

  • From Economy: 70,000 miles + 175 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 68,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 34,000 miles
  • From First Class: 15,000 miles

5) Abu Dhabi to Colombia, Guyana, Ecuador, and Peru:

  • From Economy: 35,000 miles + 350 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 25,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 34,000 miles + 550 USD
  • From First Class: 10,000 miles

6) Abu Dhabi to Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay:

  • From Economy: 35,000 miles + 350 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 25,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 34,000 miles + 550 USD
  • From First Class: 10,000 miles

7) Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand:

  • From Economy: 35,000 miles + 350 USD
  • From Premium Economy: 25,000 miles
  • From Business Class: 34,000 miles + 550 USD
  • From First Class: 10,000 miles

These details provide a comprehensive overview of the miles and fees required for Etihad Upgrade Service on different routes and ticket types.

Etihad seat upgrade Bid

You may use either cash or your accrued Guest Miles to request an Etihad seat upgrade through a bidding process. Did you know that? Here is a step-by-step explanation of how this procedure functions:

  • The method of your bid is up to you; you can use cash or your Etihad Guest Miles. You may be guaranteed that no payment will be made unless your offer is accepted.
  • Send Us Your Offer In addition to the price you previously paid for your flight, this bid is also being accepted. After receipt, Etihad will evaluate your offer.
  • Notification of Successful Bids: Etihad will contact you immediately if your bid is accepted. You do have the choice to raise your price if you discover that another traveller has outbid you.
  • Timely Bidding: Due to the limited amount of seats available, it is strongly advised that you put in your bid as soon as you can. By clicking here, you can start your request.
  • Flexible Changes: Rest assured that you can change your mind about your bid at any moment before it is finalized, even up to 6 hours before departure.
What Follows Is

Bid Acceptance: The airline will let you know if your offer has been accepted after carefully considering it. If your request is received after submission, Etihad will let you know 24 hours before your departure.

Accepted Bid:

  • The airline will send you another email to confirm your upgrade.
  • It’s crucial to understand that the bid amount will be charged, and this price is non-refundable.
  • You can get an enhanced boarding card at the airport or during online check-in.
  • You won’t be able to alter or cancel your offer after it has been accepted or if there are less than six hours until your flight.

Ineffective Bid: You don’t need to take any more action if your bid is rejected. Your initial ticket is still valid, and there are no additional costs.

What to anticipate from a bid for an Etihad Business Upgrade

Here are five strong arguments to think about using your earned miles to upgrade:

  • Earn an additional 10% bonus miles on top of the miles you already have from your original booking.
  • Enjoy priority check-in and boarding, as well as accelerated airport procedures, with priority service.
  • Access to airport lounges is free and provides additional comfort and relaxation.
  • When you’re ready to sleep, you may convert your seat into a flatbed, making the trip more pleasant.
  • Flexible Dining: Enjoy the option to eat whenever it suits you thanks to Etihad’s anytime menus, which give you more control over your in-flight experience.

Call Etihad to request an Upgrade

The devoted and helpful team at Etihad is always available to help with your upgrade request. Whether you want to upgrade with cash or miles, you can contact them any time, day or night. However, there are a few crucial circumstances to remember:

  • Fare and Baggage Considerations: When you choose an Etihad upgrade to Business Class, you’ll benefit from a first-class travel experience and priority service. It’s crucial to remember that the tariff limitations and baggage allotment from your initial ticket will still be in effect.
  • Specific to a Flight: The upgrade you chose is only valid on the selected flight. The booking class for any additional flights included in your reservation that you didn’t want to upgrade will remain in effect.
  • Refund Eligibility: The amount paid for the upgrade will be refunded to the original payment method used in circumstances where Etihad Upgrade Service eligibility indicates that you are eligible for a refund of the actual ticket price under the terms and conditions.

You are welcome to get in touch with Etihad’s friendly crew at any time to learn more about your upgrade options and to enhance your trip.

Upgrade with Partner Airlines

You can seek a free upgrade to Etihad’s Business Class by using frequent flyer miles from other airlines, of course. Nevertheless, depending on how many transferable Etihad Guest points you have, using them to buy a business-class ticket can also be a great option.

The particular route you intend to take may also influence your decision on the best frequent flyer programme. The mileage expenses for popular Etihad flight routes when using Air Canada Aeroplan points and Asiana Airlines miles are listed in the table below:

Route (One-Way) Etihad Miles Cost Aeroplan Points Cost Asiana Miles Cost
Chicago (ORD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 100,000 miles + 350 USD 85,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 350 USD
Johannesburg (JNB) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 66,250 miles + 200 USD 45,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 185 USD
London (LHR) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 62,500 miles + 230 USD 45,000 points + 350 USD 30,000 miles + 185 USD
New York (JFK) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 100,000 miles + 330 USD 85,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 330 USD
Paris (CDG) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 62,500 miles + 185 USD 45,000 points + 50 USD 30,000 miles + 185 USD
Seoul (ICN) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 72,500 miles + 175 USD 60,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 175 USD
Sydney (SYD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 100,000 miles + 68 USD 100,000 points + 50 USD 82,500 miles + 175 USD
Tokyo (NRT) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 86,250 miles + 185 USD 80,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 185 USD
Washington, D.C. (IAD) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 120,000 miles + 350 USD 85,000 points + 50 USD 60,000 miles + 330 USD
Zurich (ZRH) – Abu Dhabi (AUH) 62,500 miles + 185 USD 45,000 points + 50 USD 30,000 miles + 185 USD

These numbers show the various mileage charges for different itineraries when booking an upgrade or a Business Class ticket with Etihad using Air Canada Aeroplan points and Asiana Airlines miles. Your selections and the availability of transferable points will ultimately determine which option you choose.

How can you secure a confirmed upgrade with Etihad?

With Etihad Airways, getting an upgrade can be difficult because they are scarce and in high demand. However, there are tactics you may use to increase significantly your chances of either getting an upgrade or immediately reserving a premium cabin.

With Elite Membership Status

  • Obtain Executive Platinum Elite Status: An advantage of achieving Executive Platinum Elite status is that it entitles you to system-wide upgrade certificates (SWUs). These SWUs are valid for tickets purchased across all fare classes, barring restricted rates, on any international flight offered by Etihad.
  • Buying premium tickets with GuestMiles: The simple way to get an upgrade to these first- or business-class cabins is to choose to use your GuestMiles to purchase first- or business-class reward tickets. When you have acquired enough miles, the process is simple.
  • Purchase of a Gate Upgrade: Take into account purchasing a gate upgrade. Requesting an upgrade during airport check-in may occasionally result in reduced offers, making it a practical choice. In this way, elite members often receive preferential treatment.

Without Elite Membership Status

  • Seek Sponsorship from a Top Elite Member: If you’re on a qualifying flight with a top elite member, you can get an upgrade by contacting that elite member directly.
  • Using miles to book a premium class award ticket is the easiest way to guarantee a seat in the front of the aircraft. Etihad Guest Miles can be accumulated in a variety of ways, and credit card sign-up bonuses frequently offer enough miles to reserve a business- or first-class award ticket.
  • Even for economy tickets that are on the more cheap side, request an upgrade with available miles when space allows.
  • Follow Business Class Fares: Stay informed by configuring Business Class Fare Notifications. You can get alerts when your intended route offers enticing discounts on business or first-class seats by using websites like Google Flights. These reduced premium tickets occasionally have lower prices than regular economy fares.
  • Trip Disruption or Voluntary Denial of Boarding: You may be eligible for an upgrade on a subsequent flight if you miss your connection due to airline-related delays or give up your seat voluntarily on a flight that is overbooked.

These techniques can dramatically increase your chances of receiving an upgrade or reserving premium cabin seats with Etihad Airways, regardless of whether you have elite membership status.

How do you figure out that the upgraded space seat is available with Etihad?

Are you thinking about how an upgrade could improve your Etihad flight experience? It cannot be easy to get an seat upgrade Etihad Upgrade Service  because even the availability of business-class seats for purchase does not ensure an upgrade.

Here’s a strategic approach:

  • Check the Etihad Portal First: When looking for a flight, start by visiting the Etihad Portal. Here, you can check whether system-wide or mileage upgrade rewards are still available. The upgrade possibilities listed on this portal will be especially helpful if you have Etihad’s Concierge Key or Elite Diamond status.
  • Contact Etihad Customer Service: Contact Etihad’s customer service department to determine if upgrades are available. They can let you know if there are open upgrade slots and whether you can pay for an upgrade on your preferred route using miles or 500-mile certificates (offered to elite members).

Utilize Third-Party Portals:

Investigating third-party portals to look for potential for upgrades is another excellent strategy. These portals can offer insightful information:

  • You will often need to check for ‘C’ inventory availability to upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy.
  • Watch for ‘A’ inventory to upgrade from Business Class to First Class.
  • It is frequently necessary to have ‘C’ inventory available in order to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class.

You can use these guidelines to help you in your search for an Etihad seat upgrade and make sure you’re ready to improve your travel experience.


Q1 How many miles does it take to upgrade to an Etihad flight?

Depending on your particular path, the mileage needed for an upgrade may change. For instance, you would generally require about 75,000 Etihad Guest points to upgrade to Etihad Business Class if you had purchased an Economy Saver ticket for a one-way trip from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi. However, the upgrade would generally cost 68,000 miles on a flight from New York to Abu Dhabi for the same fare.

Q2 How much should I bid for the Etihad upgrade?

Go to to access the airline’s official website. The booking reference and the passenger’s last name, which may be found in your flight confirmation email, will also be required.
When placing your bid, keep in mind that a more substantial offer can significantly increase your chances of getting an upgrade.

Q3 How to upgrade Etihad flight?

You may improve your Etihad flying experience in a variety of ways, including:
1) Using guest miles to pay for the upgrade.
2) Putting in a bid for an improvement.
3) Investigating the possibility of a push update.
4) Think about upgrading the airport right away.

Q4 How to get a free upgrade on Etihad Airways?

With Etihad, submitting a bid is frequently enough to be taken into consideration for a free upgrade to business class. It’s crucial to remember that opportunities for promotions are plentiful, especially when fewer people are travelling. Why not give it a shot then? Just keep in mind to do it the day before your flight.

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