How to cancel a Frontier Airlines flight Tickets

Frontier Airlines cancellation policy

Do you want to know about Frontier Airlines’ cancellation policy in detail? If so then this is just the best place you could ever find as here you will only be provided with absolutely reliable information and the best assistance you could find.

Well firstly if you would be aware precisely of the cancellation guidelines in advance then it can be a great help to you in avoiding unnecessary expenses as well as minimize any potential hardship beforehand. Here in this article, we will explore all the aspects possible of Frontier’s flight cancellation policy along with the guidelines for cancelling a reservation, refund eligibility, fees and also the options for rebooking.

Frontier cancellation policy for reservations booked with miles  

  • Now if you request to cancel your flight booked with miles, then you can do so but you would need to pay a cancellation fee of 75 USD.
  • Additionally, the unused miles will be deposited straight into your account.
  • Furthermore, you will need to cancel your reservation prior to the scheduled departure time of your flight so that you can be eligible for the redeposit of your miles.

Cancellation policy related to death or illness

The policy allows you to reschedule and cancel in the event of serious illness or death of any close family member hence you would require the following;

  • You would need to submit a death certificate to support the cancellation request.
  • And the reservation must be ticketed as well as operated by Frontier Airlines only.

NOTE: it is possible that Frontier Airlines will offer flexibility and options for the affected passenger in any such situations that might include rescheduling the flight or even issuing a refund.

How are cancellations handled due to weather changes?

Now if there is severe weather, like storms or natural disasters, then Frontier Airlines might proactively cancel or just delay flights in order to prioritize passenger safety. In the following you will see some general points mentioned;

  • If any passengers are affected by weather-related cancellations then they are offered to reschedule their flights or they receive a refund or the affected flight segment.
  • Now if by chance you are requesting Frontier Airlines flight change then there is no rebooking fee or any other additional cost charged.
  • If there are such cases then the passengers are not entitled to compensation or any scheduling, delay or flight disruptions

Policy Delays and Cancellations

You would be glad to know that Frontier Airlines totally understands that flight delays and cancellations can be very inconvenient for passengers. And they also strive to provide the best support and compensation they can in such situations. The following points are what you need to keep in mind;

  • Flight Delay Compensation – if your flight happens to experience a delay o more than 3 hours then you might be eligible for compensation. However, the specific compensation amount might just vary based on a variety of factors, such as the length of the delay as well as the distance of the flight.
  • Right to Care – At Frontier Airlines they are committed to providing the affected passengers with all the necessary assistance and care needed. This also includes offering meals, refreshments, accommodation (I there’s an overnight delay), and transfers also between the airport and the hotel.
  • Refunds for light Cancellations – If a flight is to be cancel then Frontier Airlines mostly offers the option to reschedule the flight or receive a refund. However, you should know that the refund is applicable only on the affected flight.

All you must know about Frontier Airlines’ cancellation policy within 24 hours

In a case where you want to cancel your flight within 24 hours then Frontier Airlines will provide you with a full refund of the ticket fare with simply no cancellation fee levied as per the cancellation policy.

  • Additionally, the cancellation policy is only applicable to standard fares.
  • And the reservations that are book through reward fares are not eligible for a full refund within 24 hours.
  • You also need to know that the Frontier 24-hour cancellation will start right from the time when you booked the ticket and it will end before the scheduled departure time of your flight. You also need to know that the travel date needs to be book at least 168 hours ahead of the time you request cancellation.
  • There are some consequences in a situation when you fail to board the flight without prior notification or cancellation.
  • You would lose the full value of the ticket as per the cancellation policy.
  • Additionally, you will need to approach the airline and then reschedule the flight.

What is the flight Cancellation Fee?                                                    

  • If you choose to cancel within 24 hours of purchase then a ‘NO’ cancellation fee will be charge.
  • And if it is 60 or more days before the departure then even no cancellation fee is charge.
  • But if the cancellation is 59 and 7 days before the departure then a cancellation fee is charge of 49 USD.
  • And a cancellation fee is applicable of 79 USD if the cancellation is within 6 days or less before departure (includes the same day also).


Question:- What is the cancellation fee if I cancel my flight 60+ days just before the departure?

Answer:- As per the cancellation policy you will not be charge a cancellation fee if you cancel the ticket 60+ days before your departure.

Question:- Can I cancel my flight within 24 hours of booking?  

Answer:- Yes, you can and you will not be charge if the departure date is more than 7 days away.

Question:- Is there a refund for missing a flight?

Answer:- If you miss the flight then you are not eligible for a refund.

Question:- Is there a refund if Frontier Airlines cancel the flight?

Answer:- YES, if Frontier Airlines cancels the flight.

NOTE: It is important to note that understanding and adhering to Frontier’s cancellation policy is essential for all passengers. And you must also be aware of the potential fees for cancellations.


We now hope that you have all the important details that you may require for cancelling a flight at Frontier Airlines. Nonetheless, if you still need any further guidance or assistance then you can always feel free to reach out to the Airline experts provided. And they will be available 24/7 to assist you accordingly with the needful.

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