EasyJet Change Flight Policy

EasyJet Change Flight Policy

Have there ever been circumstances where changing your easyJet Flight was necessary? Situations may stray from the anticipated route due to sudden plan modifications or unforeseen circumstances. The easyJet change flight policy is created to be flexible to meet the needs of travellers. This article will detail the easyJet flight change policy, covering its elements, how to amend your reservation, and any applicable fees.

A Snapshot of EasyJet Change Flight Policy

You frequently travel, so you know how fast plans can change. The flexibility to change your flying arrangements is helpful if your schedule changes or an unexpected event occurs. It emphasizes how important it is to become informed about the flight change policies of the airline you are using, especially in the case of easyJet.

The easyJet flight change policy is summarized in the bullet points that follow. Before making any changes to your reservation, you should know all the relevant information they contain. If you have upcoming travel plans with easyJet, keep reading to learn how to ensure everything happens without a hitch.

Flight Changes on EasyJet:

  • Change to another easyJet flight by paying:
    • Applicable flight change fee
  • Fare difference if the new ticket is costlier

Flexi ticket holders can make unrestricted changes within +/- 1 day of the original Flight (certain restrictions apply)

Change Methods:

    • Online
    • Mobile app
    • Phone (Customer Service)
    • Airport bag drop counter
    • If a ticket is bought from an agent/tour operator, contact them for changes

Change Deadlines:

    • Online/phone: At least 2 hours before departure
    • Airport counter: At least 1 hour before departure

Changes After Check-in:

    • Possible up to 2 hours before departure
    • Print a new boarding pass, check in for a new Flight

Same-Day Flight Changes:

    • Catch an earlier flight for a small fee
    • Free for Flexi fare holders, easyJet Plus members
    • Transfer to an earlier Flight at the exact location, region, city

Specific Locations for Transfers:

    • London: Gatwick, Stansted, Southend, Luton
    • North West England: Manchester, Liverpool
    • Central Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh
    • Milan: Malpensa, Linate
    • Paris: Orly, Charles de GaulleOnline/Mobile Changes: Slightly cheaper than other methods

Flight Disruptions:

  • easyJet cancels/delays >5 hours:
    • Travel on the next available Flight for free
    • Same/nearby destination or full refund
  • Possible compensation under Regulation (EC) No 261/2004

Missed Flight:

    • Arrive within 2 hours of the scheduled time
    • Travel on the next Flight by paying the £110 Rescue fee at the airport

EasyJet Change Flight Fee

The easyJet change flight price will vary depending on when (i.e., how early) and how—online or through customer service—you make the change.

  • Flight Change Fees More Than 60 Days Before Departure:
    • Online or Mobile App: £25
    • Customer Service: £30
  • Flight Change Fees 60 Days or Fewer Before Departure:
    • Online or Mobile App: £49
    • Customer Service: £54
  • Flight Date/Time Changes Up to +/- 1 Day of Departure:
    • No change fee or fare difference
  • Flight Date/Time Changes Outside +/- 1-Day Period (Daily Flights):
    • Applicable flight change fee + fare difference
  • Flight Date/Time Changes Outside +/- 1-Day Period (No Daily Flights):
    • Change fee waived, fare difference charged

How To Change EasyJet Flights?

easyJet flight changes can be made via Manage Bookings online, by phone, with the travel agency/tour company that issued your ticket, or in person at the airport counter.

Change EasyJet Flight Online

To Change Your easyJet Flight Online:

  • Visit easyJet’s homepage and log in to your account using your email and password.
  • If you don’t have an account:
    • Click on “Manage Bookings.”
    • Choose “Find Booking.”
    • Enter your surname and booking reference to access your flight booking.
  • Select the Flight you wish to change.
  • Click on the “easyJet Change flight” option.
  • Follow the prompts to adjust the date, time, or destination.
  • Review the new itinerary, confirm changes, and pay the change fee and fare difference.
  • Receive a confirmation email with updated flight details.

When Changing Flights Online via Manage Bookings:

  • Checked baggage automatically moves to the new Flight.
  • The same or similar seat will be retained if seat payment is made.
  • For changing outbound and return flights:
    • Modify separately, starting with outbound and then return Flights.
  • Online changes affect all passengers; individual changes require calling easyJet customer service.

 EasyJet Flight Change Tips For Flexi Tickets

The following should be kept in mind when making adjustments to a Flexi ticket:

  • Within 24 hours of purchase, flexi bookings cannot be modified.
  • Within +/- 1 day of your original travel date, you can modify Flexi tickets online, through the mobile app, or by contacting customer service up to 2 hours before departure.
  • Flexi prices are dependent on available seats.

 How To Change The Flight Date on EasyJet?

The flight date can be changed on easyJet via Manage Bookings online, by phone, with your travel agent or tour operator, or in person at the airport counter. See How to modify an easyJet flight online (above) for information on changing the Flight online.

 How To Change EasyJet Flight Destination?

  • Change your easyJet flight destination either online or via phone.
  • For bookings made directly on easyJet’s website:
    • Log into your account or access your flight booking through Manage Bookings.
    • Select your Flight and click on the “Change flight” option.
    • Modify your destination and proceed.
    • Confirm the change, pay the fare difference and change the fee.
    • Revised itinerary sent by email after payment.
  • To change via customer service:
    • Contact the easyJet helpline for assistance.
    • You’ll incur easyJet change flight fee and fare difference.
  • Charges depend on the new destination and the original booking’s fare type.
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Q1. Can I change my easyJet Flight for free?

A. If you have a Flexi price ticket and are changing your journey to one day before or after your original trip, you can only do so for free and won’t be charged the fare difference. Alternatively, you can rearrange your Flight for free to a more suitable date if it is cancelled or delayed by more than five hours. You will be charged in all other circumstances.

Q2. How much is it to change an easyJet flight?

A. EasyJet charges £25 (online or through the mobile app) and £30 (through customer service) for flight changes made more than 60 days before departure, plus the difference in price between the original rate and the current fare.
You will be charged £49 (online or using a mobile app) and £54 (through customer service) in addition to the pricing difference if you change your Flight fewer than 60 days before departure.
On the other hand, if you paid a Flexi fare, you can alter your ticket without paying any additional fees up to one day before or after your original trip. Additionally, you won’t be charged the extra fare.

Q3. How much does it cost to change an easyJet flight online?

A. You will be charged £25 per passenger per Flight if you cancel an easyJet flight online (or using the mobile app) more than 60 days before departure and £49 if you cancel the travel within 60 days of departure.

Q4. Can I change my easyJet flight date?

A. Yes, as long as you do it at least two hours before departure online or through customer care and at least one hour before departure at the airport bag drop station, you can modify the date of your easyJet Flight.

Q5. Can I change my easy Flight to next year?

A. If easyJet cancels your Flight, you can ask for a voucher for the total amount of your fare and use it to travel anywhere within 12 months of the date of issuance.

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