Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines Name Change

Welcome aboard to a comprehensive guide on Delta Airlines name change policy. Whether you misspelled your name during the booking process, legally changed your name, or simply had a typo in your name, fear not! Delta Airlines has a well-defined name change policy to accommodate such situations.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through all the intricate details of Delta name change policy, including the process, fees, requirements, and some handy tips to ensure a smooth journey. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take off on this enlightening journey!

Understanding the Importance of Correct Names

Why Is It Crucial to Have the Correct Name?

Your name is your identity, not only in daily life but also in the world of travel. A slight discrepancy in your name on the airline ticket compared to your government-issued ID can cause significant problems during check-in and security checks. Having the correct name on your ticket ensures a hassle-free travel experience, saving you from unnecessary stress and delays.

Real-Life Mishaps Due to Name Errors

Imagine this: You’re all set to embark on your dream vacation to a tropical paradise. You’ve packed your bags, made all the necessary arrangements, and arrive at the airport full of excitement. However, to your dismay, you find out that your name on the ticket doesn’t match your passport. This simple error can lead to denied boarding, costly ticket rebooking, and potentially missing out on your entire trip. Learn from the misadventures of others to avoid falling into the same name-change traps.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy Explained

Name Change Eligibility

Before diving into the name change process, it’s crucial to understand if you are eligible for a name change. Delta Airlines allows name changes in specific scenarios:

  • Misspelled names: If you made a typographical error while booking your ticket, you can request a name correction.
  • Legal name change: If you legally changed your name, you can update your ticket to reflect the new name.
  • Nickname removal: If you mistakenly used your nickname instead of your full legal name, Delta allows you to rectify it.

Name Change Restrictions

While Delta Airlines is accommodating in certain situations, there are some restrictions to keep in mind:

  • Name changes are not allowed within 24 hours of departure. Ensure you review your ticket details immediately after booking.
  • Name changes are not permitted for non-transferable or non-refundable tickets. Be cautious while choosing your ticket type.
  • Name changes are subject to availability. If the flight is fully booked, you might not be able to change your name.

How to Request a Name Change

To initiate a name change, follow these simple steps:

  • Contact Delta Airlines: Get in touch with Delta’s customer service: +1-888-814-2373 through their website, app, or helpline. Politely explain the reason for the name change and provide supporting documentation if required.
  • Document Verification: Delta Airlines may ask for documents such as a passport, driver’s license, or marriage certificate, depending on the reason for the name change.
  • Pay the Applicable Fees: Name changes typically incur a fee, which varies depending on the ticket type and the time remaining until departure.
  • Receive Confirmation: Once the name change is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the updated ticket details.

Understanding Name Change Fees

Name Change Fee Structure

Delta Airlines’ name change fees can vary based on multiple factors, including:

  • Ticket type: Non-transferable or non-refundable tickets may have higher fees or may not be eligible for name changes at all.
  • Time until departure: The closer it is to the departure date, the higher the name change fee is likely to be.
  • Class of travel: Premium class tickets may have different name change fees compared to economy class tickets.

Tips to Avoid Name Change Fees

Nobody likes paying additional fees, so consider these tips to avoid or minimize name change charges:

  • Double-check your details during the booking process to catch any errors early on.
  • If you’re unsure about your travel plans, opt for a flexible or refundable ticket that allows changes without hefty fees.
  • Notify Delta Airlines of any name change requirements as soon as possible to avoid last-minute rushes and higher fees.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy of Other Major Airlines

United Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Similar to Delta Airlines, United allows name changes for misspelled names and legal name changes.
  • Name changes must be requested before the departure of the first flight on the ticket.
  • United Airlines also charges a fee for name corrections, the amount of which varies depending on the situation.

American Airlines Name Change Policy

  • American Airlines permits name changes for misspelled names, legal name changes, and nickname corrections.
  • Name change requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure.
  • As with other airlines, American Airlines imposes a fee for name changes.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy

  • Southwest Airlines stands out by offering a more generous policy. They do not charge a fee for name changes.
  • Passengers can request a name change up to 10 minutes before the flight’s departure.

Tips for a Smooth Name Change Process

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

To avoid name change predicaments, adopt a proactive approach:

  • During booking: Double-check all the details before hitting the “confirm” button.
  • Name change process: Initiate the name change as soon as you realize the error or legal name change requirement.

Keep Your Documents Updated

Having up-to-date identification documents will prevent last-minute hassles:

  • Regularly check the expiration dates of your passport, driver’s license, or any other government-issued IDs.
  • If you’ve undergone a legal name change, update your IDs accordingly to match your new name.

Be Aware of Time Constraints

Remember that time is of the essence:

  • Some airlines may have a cut-off time for accepting name change requests before departure.
  • Last-minute name changes may not be possible or may incur exorbitant fees.

Review the Ticket Policy

Before booking your ticket, familiarize yourself with the airline’s ticket policy:

  • Check if the ticket type allows name changes and if any fees apply.
  • Understand refund and cancellation policies to make informed decisions if your name change request faces hurdles.

Real-Life Name Change Stories

The Tale of the Two Charlottes

Charlotte, an avid traveler, booked a flight for her vacation to Europe. Little did she know that her autocorrect had turned “Charlotte” into “Charlatan.” When she realized the mistake, the departure date was just 48 hours away. Panic-stricken, she contacted the airline and provided proof of her correct name. Unfortunately, since it was a non-refundable ticket, she had to pay a hefty name change fee. From that day on, Charlotte always triple-checked her ticket details before hitting the “confirm” button.

The Unfortunate Marriage Change

John and Mary, a newlywed couple, were excitedly preparing for their honeymoon trip to the Maldives. However, just a week before their departure, Mary realized that she had forgotten to update her passport with her new married name. Despite having the marriage certificate on hand, the airline policy required her passport name to match the ticket name precisely. With no time to spare, they had to rebook Mary’s ticket with the new name, resulting in extra costs. Lesson learned: Make sure to update all identification documents promptly after any name changes!


As we’ve seen in this comprehensive guide, having the correct name on your airline ticket is of utmost importance to ensure a seamless travel experience. Delta Airlines understands that mistakes happen and is prepared to accommodate name changes in certain situations. Remember to be proactive in checking your details during the booking process and promptly address any name change requirements.

By understanding Delta Airlines name change policy and familiarizing yourself with other major airlines policies, you can be well-prepared for any future travel adventures without name-related complications. So, take these insights with you on your next journey and travel with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Can I change my name on my Delta Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on your Delta Airlines ticket under specific circumstances, such as misspellings, legal name changes, or nickname corrections. Ensure to contact Delta’s customer service for assistance and be prepared to provide the necessary documentation.

Q2 Is there a fee for changing my name on the ticket?

Yes, Delta Airlines typically charges a fee for name changes, which can vary based on factors like ticket type and time until departure. Be aware of the fees before initiating the name change process.

Q3 How early should I request a name change?

It’s best to request a name change as soon as you become aware of the issue. Name changes are not allowed within 24 hours of departure, so act promptly to avoid any last-minute complications.

Q4 Can I change my name on a non-transferable ticket?

Name changes are generally not permitted on non-transferable tickets. Ensure you choose a ticket type that allows for name changes if you anticipate the need for flexibility.

Q5 What if my name change request is denied?

In case your name change request is denied, Delta Airlines will likely provide you with alternative solutions, such as rebooking your ticket with the correct name or considering travel insurance options for added protection.

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