How to change a flight on British Airways without hassle?

British Airways flight change policy

British Airways flight change policy:- We understand that in life there are uncertainties that occur without our expectations. And the same situation happens when you might just need to change or cancel your flight reservation due to whatever your reasons may be. In such cases, British Airways is there at hand to assist you if you come across any unforeseen circumstances with changing your flight reservation. In this blog below you will get a better understanding of all the terms and conditions of the British Airways flight change policy in a well-explained manner.

What is the process to change the British Airways flight online?

There are many out there who get bewildered when it comes to what the process could be for ‘Changing my flight with British Airways’.  Do you know that it is very simple and easy to manage your bookings and reservations with British Airways through online and offline modes?

Procedure for changing Flight online:

  • First of all, you would need to visit the official website of British Airways (
  • And then you will need to search for the ‘Manage Option’.
  • You now got to click on the ‘Manage’ option to be able to access the different options available.
  • After doing so you must enter the last name and booking references according to the original ticket and then just click on the ‘Find my booking’ button.
  • Furthermore, the business and executive class ticket holders will need to log into their British Airways accounts.
  • You will be provide with option for the flight change only if your ticket is eligible for the same.
  • Then you just got to select the option of the change you need and follow the instructions given.
  • You must now enter all the new details required for the reservation in the given fields.
  • When you are done doing the above the website will provide you with the available options according to the new details enter, and then you can go ahead and select the appropriate option that suits you.
  • Furthermore, you would need to pay the change fees and fare differences for the flight.
  • At last, you must make sure that you get a confirmation of the new reservation through an email.

How to change the Flight using the offline mode?

  • In case you do not want the online mode for making the changes to your flight reservation with British Airways then you have an option where you can choose the offline method.
  • You can easily get the changes done through the British Airways reservation centre of Kiosk which is locate at the airport.
  • If you want, you could even call the change flight phone number to get it done. And the representative will assist you with the needful.

IMPORTANT: You need to keep in mind that you must make changes to the reservation within 24 hours of the original ticket purchase so that you avoid charges of penalty. You get a 24-hour flexible window so that you can make the changes needed.

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Question:- How to change the bookings on British Airways?

Answer:- You have the easiest ways to make changes to your bookings on British Airways, you can make the change online or just simply call the airline office and speak to an executive.

Question:- How can I change a flight on British Airways?

Answer:- you can change the flight by tapping on the screen, and to do so you would need to go to the official website of British Airways. And now you just need to visit the ‘Manage My Booking’ section and then make the changes to the bookings accordingly.

Question:- How to change seats on British Airways?

Answer:- You should know that the easiest way to make the change is online you just need to visit the official website and go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section. And now press the seat option then choose the seats as you want.

Question:- Is it possible to change my flight date?

Answer:- Yes according to British Airways flight change policy, you can change your flight date while you travel. Nevertheless, in certain conditions, only the passengers that have a refundable ticket are allow to make changes. However, if you have bought a nonrefundable ticket, then you will not be allow to make the changes.


The above information provide is relevant hence we hope that you enjoy this blog and get a better picture of British Airways flight change policy. But if you have any other related concerns then you can contact the Travel experts at any time who will guide you instantly. Call our Airline Help Number +1-888-814-2373 or you can chat with our Agents.

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